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For the last year my daughter has been asking me to buy her a pair of Women’s Nike Heels.

She came across several pictures of Nike high heels while searching for shoes and actually cut out one of them and hung it on her bedroom wall.

High Heels by Nike

High Heels by Nike

I love high heels, and the combination of high heels mixed with Nike tennis shoes actually appeals to me. My daughter is spunky enough to pull it off and she has worn heels on and off for the last couple of years now. So I figured a pair of

Nike heels would make a perfect birthday presents for her.

Here is my dilemma, I have not been able to find any Nike high heels to buy from a reputable website. I’m used to buying my shoes at and various other online shoe stores. Big name stores with solid return policies, free shipping and so on.

Whenever I search for Nike high heels however, I end up on little no name websites specific to this one brand of shoes. I don’t know about you, but I’m not about to spend $100+ on a pair of shoes if I don’t know the first thing about the website or the store’s physical location.

So, let me ask you: “Are Nike high heels for real? Can you actually buy them online or are they just pretty pictures to decorate your walls with?”

Please leave me a comment below if you’ve purchase a pair of Nike high heels online or know someone who owns a pair of Nike Air Jordan heels.

By the way, I ended up buying my daughter a pair of Nike Air Jordan retros for her birthday and she loves them. A girl doesn’t always have to wear high heels to look or feel good.

Nike Heels Update: Hi fellow shoe lovers, here is a quick update for you. I have been motoring this page for several years now. To this day I have not seen much success in finding these elusive shoes on any reputable and establishes shoe shopping websites. Some visitor say they’ve ordered Nike heels online, but then don’t come back to show us a picture. We don’t know how how much they cost or how the ordering process went for the few ladies that did find Nike heels online.

What I did find are these Puma High Heels on the 6pm website.

6pm is an online shopping site with headquarters in Las Vegas, NV. They were founded in 1998 by parent company Zappos.

Puma heels pictured below are available in white and dandelion yellow for $189.99 in sizes ranging from 6 to 11. Click on the image to learn more about the Rihanna sneaker high heel by Puma…High Heel Sneakers in white and yellow


Sneaker heels are very popular, so does it matter if they have the Nike or Puma emblem on the side of the shoe? What do you think? Leave me a comment below.

162 Responses to Are Women Nike Heels For Real?

  • Sorry for the typos. Lol

  • any updates on this issue? my girlfriend really wants some nike high heels and i want to surprise her!

  • They Are fake

  • Not fake just redone great shoes

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  • DO NOT …REPEAT ..DO NOT Purchase these Jordan heels. I ordered a pair from a website (found out after they took my money) in china. I never received the shoes nor the money. nike Jordan does not make these shoes. I contacted the nike website & confirm they do not manufacture these and because the third party sites sell them out of the usa they can not monitor. go to the actual nike/Jordan site in the usa & they will confirm.


    • Well, it happened to me too- guess i feel better that i’m not the only one…misery loves company. A friend wanted them and begged me to order them for her, and i was concerned about the website- sigh…
      place called or server2011shop

  • They are not REAL. I TOO spent 128.00 and never ever got the SHOES!!

  • I just bought a pair of Nike high Heels from a resale store for used items, they cost $10, are a size 8 and look very legit. I bought them for next Christmas’ gag gift exchange, and i expect them to be very popular. Hopefully my daughter doesn’t decide she wants them first! Sorry if this is in all Caps, this site wouldn’t allow any entries any other way.

    • Wow, you found a great deal. Good for you! Sorry about the all Caps, I will look into fixing it.

    • From which website did u buy them at

      • I bought these used IN EXCELLENT SHAPE at a local shop that benefits abused kids. They are not the real thing, but there’s no way to really tell that they are faux Jordans. Sorry for the caps, but this site is again forcing their use, with or without caps Lock 🙁

  • I brought some air Jordan heels and two of my nieces brought Nike heels back in 2007-2009, it was from a SIGHT called cnbrandonline.COM, we received all products also were happily SATISFIED, yes it was based over in China but now ITs as if they no longer exist soo….. I dunno… There are other sites for nz that sell but bit more expensive and look exactly the same as the ones we brought

  • Just for the record, there are many reputable Chinese Websites. I have ordered several items from different sites and have never been cheated out of my money. you just have to be careful and do some research before placing your order.

  • hong kong i believe.

  • I just purchased 2 pairs of them from a garage sail.$1 a pair!!!

  • I bought a pair 3yrs ago from a Chinese factory, still have them no problems with them, I also ordered a pair of number 5, got both items no problems. You have to go to the factory that makes the Jordan shoes, the Nike factory or factories non China. Or Japan. The same sweat shop workers that make the Jordan’s in footlocker and other name brand stores also make the air heels, same quality of workers same quality of product,, lmao! Don’t fall for fake or real when the same ppl make both shoes,,, there are no Nike factorys in the USA, China makes everything live with it, stop buying into the name brand and go straight to the factory, get your clothes and shoes cheaper,, the Chinese are selling all american products directly to us now, same products that you get on the store, I have received all my orders, and within 8-9 business day,,

  • I own 8 pairs of nike heels they are great comfortable and yes they come from china. Everything is made in china these days.
    I sell these shoes aswell and yes again they come from china.
    Best shoes ive ever bought

  • I’ve just bought a pair of the blue ones exact in picture for 30 bux but not offline so I guess that’s a bonus 🙂 and they look fabulous

    • That’s great, but like everyone else, you neglect to tell us *where* you got it.
      Where did you buy them?!

      • Hi. If you notice what ive said i sell them.
        So why would i say where i bought them.
        Never miind try

        • yeaaaa…It’s interesting how both sites trigger a malware warning on my anti-virus program.

          • I know with my computer shopusaoutlet doesnt cause that problem and they are very helpfull.
            That is all i can help you with.

        • Hey Tony…

          I see u say that u sell them. I am looking for an size 2. I am from south Africa. Do u maybe sell through bid or buy???

          I need 1pair urgently. It is for matricfarewell..

        • Do you still have any white


    • Hi.
      I cant help you there. I hope you get them aswell.
      They really are great shoes.
      There is a difference between sites make sure you go a size up this is what i say to all my clients.

    • so you received the shoes AND THEY’RE GOOD QUALITY ETC.?
      I bought a pair of blue low tops (same one as the picture above) from someone on ebay – excellent quality, gorgeous shoes and so comfortable for such a high heel.
      Addicted to them now and I would love some more pairs, but can’t find any site reviews saying any of the outlets are legit.

      is a legitimate site?

      • I ordered 3 different pairs from here. Next day I get an email saying the shoes you ordered are out of stock, we have these ones in stock (sent an attachment with picture of one style. Despite having many styles on the site that all say in stock). So I emailed back saying all three pairs are out of stock? No response…. that was several days ago 🙁 Pretty sure I got scammed

  • just a follow up update. the shoes arrived so the site is legit but my partner when he ordered them didnt change the shoe default size and a size 36 euro was sent. going to sell them and order them again in my correct size so be mindful when choosing a pair because they don’t communicate back with you once you order. very happy with how they look though


  • I have size 7 jordan 11 high heel right now in really good condition im selling

  • I HAVE 3 pairs ordered ONLINE! I absolutely love love love THEM! THEY ARE THE MOST comfortable shoes. .. you COULD literally RUN IN THEM! I however, DANCE IN THEM ALL night! BE careful which websites you order from! A lot OF SCAMS OUT THERE!!

  • i really love the idea of these

  • I had a pair of Nike heels a couple years back. Loved them!!!

  • I have been looking for over a year can someone please help me get them

  • I’ve ordered 2 pairs of Nike high heels in the past, one of them actually being the blue and black ones that you pictured above. While the shoes are very comfortable they are FAKE Nike’s…, I knew this buying them. But I bought them anyways bc I just loved the way they looked. I ordered them back in 2010 and still have them and they have held up great, except the tip of heels have broken off, which can easily be fixed by a shoemaker.

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