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Boot Guide from Work to Fun

One of the best things about the colder weather is finding the perfect pair of boots.

Here is a Boot Guide to help you find a quality pair of boots whether you are bound for the office, working outdoors or going out for a fun night.

Pick a quality pair of boots you can slide into year after year.

  • Boot Materials – High quality leather will last longest! Test leather boots by bending the material. If creases form, the finish is seperating because it wasn’t applied well. Imitation leather is lighter and easier to clean. With either type of leather avoid any pair of boots that smells strongly of chemical preservatives.
  • Boot Lining – Good boots should be completely lined on the inside. A leather interior will hold up very well over time. I love fleece and shearling lining in my boots for the very cold weather months.
  • Boot Fit – To check for optimal toe room, slide your foot all the way to the front of the boot and see if you can fit a finger between your heel and the back of the boot.
  • Boot Sole – Boots you wear outdoors or to the office for long periods at a time should have a little squish. Styles designed with Nike Air technology like Cole Haan’s boots are soft and sneaker like. These comfortable boots have cushions with pressurized gas inside a capsule.
  • Boot Details – Buckles and other adornments should be attached with even double stitching.

Super buys to help kick off your boot shopping.

Some finds are so good you might even want to buy two, but don’t worry, I won’t tell!


Boots for under $30 - Wild Diva bootie

Wild Diva bootie

Boots for under $30 - Cozy brown boots

Cozy brown boots

Boots for under $30 - sexy ankle boots with straps and chains

sexy ankle boots


Boot for under $50 - knee high boot on sale

Knee high boot

boots for under $50 - Black ankle boots

Black ankle boots

Knee high boots for under $50 - Annie shoes boots

Boots for under $50



Are you ready to splurge on a fine pair of boots?

Here is a wonderful selection of over 500 high quality boots in all styles and colors to choose from.

What is your favorite style of winter boots? Leave me a comment below.


5 Responses to Boot Guide from Work to Fun

  • More learning from this post how to wear shoes and become sexy? what can we get the advantages by using it? All the women loved this post of visited another….

  • I have a pair just like the Lilliana boots, only they’re black suede. NICE! Got them at Marshall’s for about $50.

  • What a great, informative post, especially for someone like me who has to live in a terrible climate for many months of the year (yay, Canada!). Next time I buy a pair of winter boots, I’ll definitely do more than just blindly trust the label for being “winter-proof” and make sure all above boxes are ticked!

    Thanks 🙂

    xo ShoeTease

  • Thank you ShoeTease, I very much appreciate your super nice comment. I live in a cold weather climate as well, only a couple hours south of the Canadian border, so I know from experience that a good pair of boots makes all the difference (and wearing two pairs of socks when it get really cold) ;).
    ♥ Silke

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