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Boots to Suit Your Height

Picking out the right boots for their height is something that many women fail to take into account.

If you buy boots that are too short or too tall for your height, it will give you a very unflattering line that will not do justice to your figure. You want to get a boot that will showcase your attributes and conceals your flaws. Follow this guide to selecting the perfect boot size for your height, and you will always look great when you pull on your boots.

Shaft Height

The first thing to consider when picking out a pair of boots is the shaft height. The shaft is the part of the boot that covers your legs. The height of a boot shaft is measured on the inseam, from where the sole of the boot touches the upper. It is basically the height of the sole to the top of the boot, but it can be impacted greatly by the style of the boot and the height of the heel.

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General Rules for Shaft Height

The general rule for the most flattering shaft height is to pick a boot that will end the shaft just at the point where your calf becomes fullest. This is the height of the boot that will give your leg its most flattering line. For most women, the best booth shaft height is a 12-inch boot or a 14-inch boot. There are some exceptions to this rule.

The most obvious exception is for ankle boots. Obviously, ankle boots come nowhere near to the calf, so they need to be adjusted to match up with the ankle bone instead. The most flattering ankle boots will end right at the base of the ankle bone. This gives a very becoming impression when a woman is walking, and it is particularly striking for women who have lovely ankles.

Women who have fuller calves may want to consider wearing a taller boot shaft. Their full calves will fill out the boot shaft nicely, giving them a lovely line. These taller boots on full calves look particularly sexy when a full-calved woman is walking in a pair of them.

Boots for Short and Tall Women

The shorter boot heights will work the best for shorter women. These shorter boots will keep their proportions properly adjusted. Shorter women are often tempted to go with an extremely high heel, but that can actually backfire. A very tall heel may make them look ungainly and appear unnatural when they are walking. Short women can wear boot with heels, but just wear a normal size heel to avoid appearing awkward in them.

Very tall women have a real advantage when it comes to wearing boots. They can wear very tall knee-boots that come up to the knee. Women with very tall legs can even wear boots that come over the knee.

These extra tall boots are very sexy, and most men find them irresistible.

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Find The Most Flattering Boots For You

If you are a woman that is bottom heavy with a pair of tall legs, then try wearing a pair of knee high boots the next time you go out. You will be amazed at how many admiring looks and compliments you receive when you wear a pair of these super sexy boots.

Now that you know which type of boot suits you the best, it’s time to go boot shopping. 🙂

Do you have any boot advice to add for your fellow shoe lovers? Leave a comment below. 

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