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Many of us have a fetish of some kind or another, may it be a shoe fetish or some other obsession.

I’m lucky to have a partner that doesn’t mind my love for shoes and even points out pretty heels in stores, online and catalogs that I might like.

I saw this great set of questions on a guy’s blog the other day and just had to steal (maybe steal is to harsh of a word), I mean copy, them for my shoe site.

Do you have a shoe fetish!


  1. How many shoes (i.e.: all footwear) do you own?
  2. How does wearing shoes make you feel?
  3. What is the most you have spent on a pair of shoes?
  4. Do you have a favorite pair?
  5. What are your feet most comfortable in?
  6. Flip flops (between the toes) or sandals?
  7. Do you match your handbag/belt to your shoes?
  8. Crocs are…

Leave me a comment below with your answers.

Here are my answers to the Shoe Fetish questions?

  1. Only about 28 pairs right now, I sold a bunch of shoes right before we moved.
  2. Sexy, elevated and like I could conquer the world.
  3. I try to find bargain buys, I want to say the most I spent on a pair of shoes was just under $200.
  4. Come to think of it, the better question would be ‘Do you have a least favorite pair’. I love all of my shoes.
  5. In a 3 to 4  inch heel or wedge style shoes.
  6. Definitely sandals, I can’t stand the thingy between the toes.
  7. Nope. Never have and never will
  8. Crocs are… the ugliest shoes ever. Don’t know how comfortable they are since I’ve never tried a pair.

In case you’re wondering, since you’re on one of the major shoe blogs available, you most likely have a shoe fetish. So here is the definition for you:

Shoe Fetish ~ It’s a fixation on shoes; finding the perfect pair of shoes, with an absolutely must-have-it feeling; for a person with a shoe fetish buying shoes is thrilling and exciting; owning and wearing a fabulous pair of heels, boots, sandals, etc. is a source of great pleasure.

According to Karl Marx, a fetish is creating meaning or giving meaning to a meaningless object.

Oh well, say what you will, there’s always a reason to buy more shoes! Meaningless or not!

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4 Responses to Do you have a Shoe Fetish?

  • Answers:
    1. Four
    2. The shoes set the mood (i.e., sandals – casual, tennis shoes – energetic, . . . )
    3. $100.00
    4. No
    5. Tennis shoes
    6. sandals
    7. n/a
    8. fugly

    • The shoes set the mood, I like that answer.

      I find it hard to believe that with having only four pairs of shoes (I couldn’t imagine) , you don’t have a favorite one. Maybe it’s time to buy a new pair or two. 🙂

      Thank you for answering the questions. <3 Silke

  • It’s confirmed, I have a shoe fetish. lmao

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