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Halloween Shopping from Costumes to High Heels

Once again Halloween is creeping up on us.

Ready or not, the day to Trick or Treat is near!
Last year I wrote an article in time for Halloween titled Be Sexy this Halloween. This year I think I’ll keep the Halloween costume ideas a bit more conventional and find you some super special high heels to spice up the more traditional Halloween costumes.

Cool halloween costumes

Dorothys Ruby Slippers

The ultimate sparkly costume shoe is of course the Ruby Slipper and anyone can wear these.

This pair of sexy ruby red sequin slippers holds the power to take you home with the click of your heels and they’re available for only $17.67. The Ruby Slippers feature 2.75″ heels and make for a comfortable choice for your red sequin heels. Red Sequin Dorothy Shoes are an ideal ruby slipper accessory for your Wizard of Oz Dorothy Costume, Red Riding Hood or Betty Boop Costume.

Planning to Trick or Treat with a bunch of your girl-friends? How about picking one of the ladies to be the bride and the rest of the bunch are her bridesmaids. Perfect for those overly outdated school dance or chintzy bridesmaids dresses you were forced into buying over the years. Gather a group of your closest female friends and sport the snazziest formal-wear ever. Make a few lolli-pop bouquets and sell them for a buck each. You might just come out ahead, or consider giving to your favorite charity.

Sexy Halloween costume

Marilyn Monroe costume

A pair of white high heel pumps should be a staple in any woman’s closet, especially during  Halloween.

You could be a sexy Marilyn Monroe or partially destroy a white pleated dress and go along this the zombie theme of 2011 and play an undead Marilyn.

Sexy and sophisticated styling at a non-designer price, a pair of white high heels will also go well with any Red Riding Hood, Woman’s Gangster or Alice in Wonderland costumes.

Second hand stores and those little vintage boutiques that are popping up all over the place are a great source for Halloween costumes inspired in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

How about the always popular ’50s cutesy poodle skirt with a blouse, white socks and a cute pair of black patent Mary Jane’s.

The ABC television drama Pan Am is reminding watchers of how appealing stewardess clothes in the 60’s used to be. Get yourself a chic two piece skirt suit in your favorite airline color. Any pair of sexy, yet somewhat sensible pumps will complete the costume.

When doing a 70s inspired costume for Halloween there’s no need to do the same old thing. The 70’s had bold colors and unique shapes and there are so many options when it comes to creating the perfect Halloween costume. Start out with a brightly colored top or dress and see where it takes you. Don’t forget a pair of outrageous 70’s inspired platforms.

There really is no right or wrong when it comes to Halloween costumes.

Do you have any unique Halloween costume ideas? Please share with your fellow readers.

Have fun, be safe and remember sharing is caring (your candy that is)!


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