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Whether it’s at the mall or while shopping online, spending money comes with added risks.

Unfortunately, scammers have found new ways to nab your money. But be assured, a few wise moves are all it takes to stay safe!

Be aware of shopping scams

Skimmer scammers!

Your favorite Netflix box, gas station or local ATM machine could be an easy target for thieves by using skimmers. A device that attaches to the card reader on the machine and stores your account numbers. With one swipe, an illegal bank card skimmer records data off a debit or credit card and get the PIN code as well.
So before you swipe your card, take a careful look and even give the card reader a tug. A fake skimmer reader will pull right off.

Membership Mumbo-Jumbo!

It’s likely happened to you. You’re just about to buy something online when a screen pops up offering additional savings. Think twice before clicking! It’s often a clever way to conceal a membership club and you’re actually signing up for a subscription service! Stay safe by reading all the fine print before clicking too far.

If you do opt for a free trial period, note when it ends so you can cancel before your credit card is being charged.

Freebies aren’t always free!

Always approach free offers with a healthy dose of skepticism. The bigger the prize, the greater the chance it’s not a good deal. It’s rarely actually free, and just starting the process signs you up for a wave of spam. To avoid the spam generated by smaller freebies — like online coupons — set up a secondary email address that you use only when signing up for such offers.

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