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Purple High Heel Shoes

Are you a spontaneous Shoe Lover?

If your birthday falls between May 21 and June 20 you are a fun-loving spontaneous Gemini Goddess. Good for you!

Born under the Gemini sign you have a dual personality with an ability to change moods and shoes from moment to moment. You are charming, lively and always the life of any party.

The always versatile Gemini Goddess can argue, or even dance their way into or out of any situation.

Gemini’s color is warm purple and in celebration of your birthday, here is a collection of purple high heels:

Purple High Heel booties by Michael Antonio


Purple Pumps by Steve Madden


Purple High Heel Sandals by Paris Hilton


Purple T-strap Sandals by Just Fab

Nothing troubles an adaptable and witty Gemini girl or stops her from having tons of fun. So get yourself a pair of sexy Purple High Heel Shoes and start dancing.

Shop a large selection of Purple Shoes.

What is your favorite shade of purple heels? Leave a comment below.


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