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Here are some great remedies and treatments for troublesome ball-of-foot pain after a night out wearing your favorite high heeled sexy shoes.

One of the easiest feel-good treatments that actually works is soaking your feet in warm Epsom salts.

A 15-minute soak is all you need for some simple, effective pain relief.

Another easy remedy after a long day on your feet is an ice wrap.

Put a soft, flexible, re-freezable gel pack in a pillowcase and wrap it around the front of your foot. The ice will numb the area and reduce inflammation almost instantly.

If you know you’re going to have a busy night ahead, taking a couple of Advil or Aleve 30 minutes before you go out will help.

For a buffing of calloused areas on your feet, you should consider a visit to the podiatrist. Podiatrists use a highly effective technique to professionally trim the calloused area by gently using a scalpel to peel away excess layers of skin. This results in instant and long lasting relief.

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Do you have a home remedy or tips for sore feet? Please share in the comment section below.

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