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Sky Blue Heels

It’s the beginning of July and we’re celebrating the Cancer Shoe Lovers with Sky Blue Heels.

Cancer Goddesses are sensitive, kind and sympathetic. They have an urge to nurture and protect the people around them, this is most apparent with home and family.

Being born a Cancer Goddess, you are intuitive, imaginative and resourceful. You know instinctively when to reach out to others, and when to withdraw into your protective shell. To celebrate all of you Cancer Goddesses this month I have picked a few of my favorite Sky Blue Heels in honor of your special color.

Sky Blue High Heels

Blue Bryliee by Blink


Sky Blue Paris Hilton heels

Becca in Blue by Paris Hilton


Bebe's Blue Promise heels

Promise by Bebe


Sky blue sky high heels

Blue Italia sandals by L.A.M.B.


Blue wedges

Blue Ajaxx wedges by Blink

Add a touch of blue to your summer wardrobe with sky blue heels!

Shop for Sky Blue High Heels now!

Take a hint from the resourceful cancer goddesses, they know how a pair of blue heels is needed for every modern girl on the go.

Don’t love this vibrant shade of Blue on Shoes? Leave me a comment below.


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