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Teal High Heels for the Taurus Goddess

If your Birthday falls between April 20 – May 20, you are a warm hearted Taurus Goddess and your color is Teal.

In celebration of all the Taurus girls I will be featuring my favorite Teal colored high heels. Just for you!

Taurus Goddesses are patient, grounded and reliable. You are warm and sensual, with an appreciation of the fine simple things in life. Born under Taurus, you are an earth sign. You value the environment and will do everything possible to preserve it.

The color Teal is a color that will bring out the best qualities in every Taurus Goddess. Be bold and beautiful on your Birthday in a pair of Teal colored high heels.

Find a pair of Teal heels just right for you.
Sexy High Heels in Teal

Happy Birthday to all the Taurus Birthday Girls!

Enjoy your special day.

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Is it your birthday? Leave a comment below so we can wish you a Happy Birthday.

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