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Top 5 Spring Fashion Trends

Some of the hottest Spring Fashion Trends for this year.

These are a mash-up of what we’ve been seeing these past few years. In many cases, familiar styles have been updated with feminine twists. Here are five spring fashion finds you can afford even on the smallest budget.

Sexy Spring Fashion Trends

Sexy Spring Fashion Trends

1. Silk scarves are the quickest way to modernize and polish an outfit. A silk scarf will add a touch of elegance to anything, whether it’s an evening gown or a tank top. For under $10 a beautiful spring blooming silk scarf is a must-have for spring.

2. Ruffles are going to be big again and you want something with ruffles this spring. It can be a blouse, a bag, a sexy ruffled skirt. Ruffles can carry you from day to night and can be dressed up or dressed down.

3. There are going to be floral patterns all over the place, floral dresses, floral skirts, you get the point. Get something in a big, beautiful floral pattern and pair it with a pair of white jeans and your favorite pair of nude colored high heeled sandals.

4. The biggest trend in jewelry this spring will be layers of bangles. Very thin bangles in silver and gold, with or without gems. Just remember, lots and lots of bangles.

5. When selecting a handbag this spring, forgo the basic black and brown. Try to push yourself just a little bit and treat yourself with a beautiful pink, blue, green, yellow purse. Pick a bag with a color that is vibrant and then wear it all spring long.

Look for current and most popular Spring Fashion Finds here.

What is your favorite Spring accessory? Leave your comment below.

2 Responses to Top 5 Spring Fashion Trends

  • I’ve looked at colorful handbags before and always thought they were too flashy. I guess I’m more conservative when it comes to color. That said, theres an inner child in me that as always wanted a bright green hand bag. If this is the ‘in’ thing then this might be my window of opportunity. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

  • Your welcome Anita. Have fun shopping and let me know if you need help finding the perfect green handbag for you.

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