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Top Five Sexy Shoes

There are so many different types of sexy women’s shoes to choose from, but in all actuality it comes down to needing only these five basic types of sexy shoes.

All the different types of sexy shoes women wear are to elongate and show off shapely legs. It is no wonder that high heels are one of the most popular types of women’s shoes around. Here are the five different types of sexy shoes every woman should have in her closet, and all without breaking the bank.

Basic Black High Heels

Basic Black Sexy Shoes

Basic Black Sexy Shoes

A pair of basic black high heels can take you anywhere. It’s the little “black dress of footwear”.  It doesn’t matter if you choose a peep-toe, d’Orsay, platform or stiletto type of heel, they are all equally sexy and versatile.

Basic black high heeled shoes have to be a staple of any woman’s shoe closet.

Brown High Heeled Boots

Brown High Heel Boots

Brown High Heel Boots

Choose from ankle, knee, thigh or any height in between. Brown high heel boots are sexy, trendy and fashionable. Wear your brown high heel boots just aboutanytime, no matter the season or the reason.

Glittery Dress Sandals

Glittery Sexy Sandals

Glittery Sexy Sandals

A pair of glitter shoes in a shiny color such as silver, gold or platinum are perfect for any formal affair. You can wear this type of shoe to a wedding, graduation or other celebration. Glittery dress sandals are also great for spicing up your favorite pair of jeans or dress for a night out with your honey.

Wedge Heeled Shoes

Wedge Heeled Shoes

Wedge Heeled Shoes

These type of high heeled shoes are simply called “wedges”. Wedges will provide height and style without pain and discomfort, like many other sexy high heeled shoes. They are comfortable on the foot and very easy to walk in. Wedges are available in sandals which makes them perfect for fun in the sun, as well as boots. Wedged boots offer much better traction in snow and slush than regular high heels.

Fun and Funky High Heels

Fun Funky Sexy Shoes

Fun Funky Sexy Shoes

Every woman needs a pair of fun and funky high heels that are brightly colored, uniquely designed, fashionably chic or just flashy as heck. Transform a simple black dress or your favorite pair of jeans into the trendiest outfit with a funky pair of sexy high heels.

With these five sexy must have shoes for women you will be able to compliment any outfit, no matter what the occasion might be, and stay within your budget. See, who says you can’t be sexy and frugal?

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Which one of these types of shoes do you like best? Leave me a comment below.


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