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Smart shoe shopping, bingo, and more

Just when you think your old pair of pumps, flats, or sneakers are the only ones you need to survive, think again. While you don’t need to have a collection like Imelda Marcos’, there are a few pairs that need to be present in your shoe rack. Good news is, you don’t need to settle for just one or two pairs of shoes!

Smart Shoe Shopping

To make it easier to remember the pairs you need, use a customized bingo card instead of simply listing it down. Just replace B-I-N-G-O with the types of shoes that you must have, this of course depends on your lifestyle. For instance, if you’re more of a party girl, a sexy pair of stilettos are a must have; corporate women need sophisticated yet comfortable pumps, and so on.

Social media has affected consumers’ buying behaviors, and more often than not, has helped people make an informed decision, so it would also help to check Facebook pages and Tumblr for some good advice. The advent of social media has also become a source of information and entertainment for fashionistas and netizens alike; FoxyBingo on Twitter for instance, ensures that followers are entertained by contests like FoxyFriday and FlyFoxy, which makes social media a lot more fun. Who knows, they might even come up with a shoe competition one of these days.

Bingo is no longer limited to bingo halls these days, in fact, the advent of online bingo produced more aficionados, especially in the United States. There are over 60 million bingo players in the US alone.

Meanwhile, here’s what’s on my bingo card:

* Black or nude pumps – A pair (or both) are instant life savers when you have an important meeting or client call. It goes with most (if not all) corporate ensembles. Make sure to look for one that has a comfy sole and 3-4 inch heels.

* Sneakers – You can call them your best friend when you’re out running errands or shopping. If you’ll be walking for hours, a pair of sneakers is the best pair to put on.

* Sandals – A comfy choice.

* Boots – When the snow outside is just unbearable, a pair of fashionable black boots is your best bet in braving the unfriendly outdoors.

* Ballet flats – When you’re not in the mood for stilettos or pumps, yet want to keep your fashion sense intact.

Foxy ShoesYou can also use a customized bingo card as a checklist for shopping for a comfortable pair of shoes. “There is no “one best shoe” out there, but there is one best shoe for your foot!

This guide will help you determine what the BEST shoe is for your foot.

Shoes and feet come in three main shapes: Straight (flat foot), Slightly curved (regular arch), and curved (high arch). The most important aspect in getting the correct shoe for your foot is finding a shoe which is a similar shape to your foot,” The Austin Diagnostic Clinic shares.

Vow to Wow everyone this Valentine’s Day!

How better to do this than with a sexy pair of high heels.

Call up your friends, put on your sexy new heels and go have some fun this Valentine’s Day.

Boyfriend is optional ;)

Find a ton of Sexy Heels for Valentine’s Day here.

Sexy Valentines Shoes


Which color shoes should you add to your Shoe Collection?

Every season fashion color experts feature the most popular color hues. The color choices are based on consumer surveys and many fashion designers will incorporate these particular shades of colors into their upcoming product lines.

If you want to stay abreast with the ever changing fashion world you should incorporate a few of these colors into your shoe collection.

There is no better way to add a splash of excitement to your existing shoe collection than with a pair of stylish shoes in Blue, Red or Yellow.

Blue Shoes
There is an abundant selection of blue shoes available. They look absolutely gorgeous when paired with a simple cotton dress, a business suit or even your favorite pair of jeans. The calming effect of a lovely pair of dark blue shoes will get you through even the busiest day.

fun and stylish blue shoes

Find more stylish Blue Shoes here.

Poppy Red Shoes
Most of us think that this deep shade of red should only be paired with muted, dark colors, but that isn’t so. A cute pair of poppy red shoes looks lovely with a light colored outfit as well. Poppy red shoes will add sophistication and elegance to your shoe collection.

Fun Red Shoes

Find more stylish Red Shoes here.

Yellow Shoes
A pair of pretty shoes in yellow will add just the right amount of zest to any ensemble. A nice shade of yellow is an instant mood lifter and can be paired with almost any color in
the rainbow. You can also make a somewhat drab ensemble stand out by pairing it with a pair of yellow colored pumps.

Yellow Shoes

Find more stylish Yellow Shoes here.

Stylish Shoes in Fun Colors!

All eyes will be on you when you strut your new shoes in these brights colors.

I received the following message from a fellow shoe lover in my inbox a while ago:

Hello, I am wondering what type heels should I buy that are comfortable to my feet? I have wide and big feet with barely an arch please help me! I am not used to wearing heels by any means and i’m 33 and have never owned high heels. I’m 5’9 so I didn’t think that wearing heels would suit me but I have to gain a strong and fierce confidence that I have never had before for no one but me.

I am a divorced mother of two and i’m ready to become a new woman with a new love for myself and that means I have to develop a new attitude and embrace the fashion world…any suggestions on how I can do that on a budget would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading this and have a blessed day!

Shoe Lovers Advice

Advice for Shoe Lovers with Big Feet

Dear Fellow Shoe Lover,

Thank you for sending me a message, you have made the first step in the right directions, by reaching out and asking for advice.

Of course, I don’t know your story, but I feel that I can relate to you. I was a single mom of two children for many years and had to learn to ‘walk in heels’ and regain my confidence as well. It’s only too easy to stay at home with the kids and wear comfy clothes and sneakers at all times.

The most important advice I can give you is not to get too caught up in the fashion itself, but try to find shoes and outfits that fit properly and make you feel good. I would start with a pair of shoes or booties (depending on the climate where you live) that have either a 2 or 3 inch wedge heel or sturdy block heel. They will give you a nice lift, strengthen your muscles and will still be comfortable. Start out slowly and wear your new heels for only a couple of hours at a time.

Shop around your local stores and try on different brands and styles. I have been able to find great bargains at second hands stores, shoes that still have the tags on them even. All of the big shoe shopping websites now offer free returns on their purchases, so you can take advantage of the pre-Holiday sales online as well. Just make sure you wear your new shoes around the house for a few hours to be sure they fit properly. After you wear them outside you can’t return them any more.

Once you’re comfortable in a lower heel you can gradually work your way up to a higher and thinner heel. Most shoe manufacturers now offer beautiful high heels in wide width and larger sizes, and adding a pair of insoles, foot pedals or arch support might help as well. I am 5′ 9″ myself and my favorite pair of shoes is a sexy, black 5 1/4″ stiletto heeled sandal. ;) (Click here to check out my dream pair.)

I am very proud of you for taking this first step on re-gaining your self confidence. You go girl!

Let me know if you have any other advice for this shoe lover with big feet.

Please leave your comment below.

I am not going to beat around the bush today. Let’s get right to it “This is a great Boot Sale”.

There are limited sizes and colors available, so click on a shoe pic and see if you can score one of these or any of the other fall boots on sale. Lots of the booties and boots are available for under $100.

Awesome Fall Boots on Sale at

Taupe Boots on Sale

Naughty Monkey Women’s Muse Boots in Taupe $89.99 On Sale – $71.99

Be amused with these sassy boots from Naughty Monkey. Muse brings you a soft brown suede with strap, buckle and stud details. This ankle boot has a slouchy flair, side zipper, rounded toe and 3 inch wedge.

Brown Women Boots on sale

Plenty Women’s Emma Boot in Cognac or Deep Grey $179.99 On Sale – $134.99

Buckle into this adorable style and wow the world from Plenty. Emma brings you a soft cognac leather upper with a trio of buckles at the vamp. A 4 inch heel height adds the perfect boost and keeps your legs looking long and lean!

Black Boots on sale

Not Rated Women’s Daring Boots in Black $64.99 On Sale – $51.99

If you dare to live on the edge of fashion then embrace this new style from Not Rated. Daring brings you a black upper with a stud and buckle detail. This western style ankle boot is complete with a 2 inch block heel.

Brown Boots on Sale

Unlisted Women’s Tuck Stop Boots in Dark Brown $79.99 On Sale – $59.99

You’ll be non stop hot in these cute Unlisted boots. Tuck Stop features a dark brown synthetic upper with a 4 inch stacked heel and a functional zipper at the side. You’ll love the added on elastic sides at the top and will have no problem strutting your stuff in this sleek boot.

Leopard Boots on Sale

Iron Fist Women’s Love Bites Bootie in Natural Leopard $79.99 On Sale – $59.99

Love wont bite in this seducing style from Iron Fist. Love Bites is a leopard print bootie with a 4 1/2 inch heel and 1 1/2 inch black platform. This style has thin laces going up the front while adorned with a cute black and white polka dot bow.

Brown Thigh High Boots

Rocawear Women’s Cassy Boots in Brown $89.99 On Sale – $67.49

Urban style is chic and sophisticated with this new look from Rocawear. Cassy brings you brown textured upper with gold stud details. This over the knee boot is complete with a rounded toe, side zipper and 3 1/4 inch block heel for added comfort.

Olive Boot on Sale

Bacio 61 Women’s Natura Boot in Olive $214.99 On Sale – $161.24

Pave the way for your fashion followers in this Bacio 61 style. Natura combines lavish olive suede with edgy laces and leather. This one of a kind boot has a hidden 1 inch platform, 4 inch wedge and an effortless zipper in the back.

Didn’t see any boots that you like on this page. No problem!

Click here to see the whole clearance selection.

You can’t go wrong with hot fall styles at even hotter prices!
Tons of trendy shoes have been marked down from brands like Guess, Steve Madden and Jessica Simpson. Browse through the clearance pages full of flats, pumps, sandals and boots and find a high fashion look without the high price tag.



The biggest shopping day of the year is almost upon us.

That’s right, ladies, we’re talking about Black Friday and the start of the holiday shopping period. Before you get all caught up in trying to snag the best Christmas deals for your friends and family, why not give yourself the treat you deserve and pick out some gorgeous new shoes?

Don’t know where to begin? Check out our Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoe shopping tips!

1) Look Online

Why brave the crazy crowds looking for your fabulous new pumps or cozy boots? These days, many reputable shoe retailers will let you take full advantage of the Black Friday deals from the comfort of your living room. Some retailers will even have online exclusive deals that are not to be missed. Check ahead of time whether your favourite sites provide email alerts that can help you get in quick before the best bargains are sold out.

pink sneakers

(Image Credit: Bff_22 via WeHeartIt)

2) Balance comfort and style

If you do decide to rough it and attend some Black Friday sales in person, you might as well do so in comfort and style. Make sure you’re ready to stand in line for hours on end by purchasing some stylish but sensible shoes before the big day. Ballet flats might be tempting, but they won’t protect your feet as much as a pair of sturdy sneakers or boots if someone steps on your toes. Trust us – forgo the heels at all costs.

pink high heels

(Image Credit: Maffer via WeHeartIt)

3) Be bold

Take advantage of the Black Friday Shoe sales by picking out some gutsy heels you wouldn’t normally wear. Sometimes, the best way to break out of a fashion rut and embrace a new season is to try on something new and unusual. If you love your new shoes, that’s awesome. If you decide in a few weeks that they’re really not you, you’ve still gotten them at a fraction of their regular price and might be able to re-gift them for Christmas.

Some sites and shoe stores have whole sections dedicated to ‘fashion forward’ shoes. For something edgy but not too crazily out there, check out the red, spiked Regan pump by Bettie Page. The classic, elegant peeptoe design offers a wonderful contrast from the grunge inspired spikes.

Brown Booties

(Image Credit: Gulsina via WeHeartIt)

4) Stock up on staples

Although Black Friday is a great time to take the plunge and buy some new styles, it’s also the perfect time to renew your old favourites. With a chilly December just around the corner, why not treat yourself to a new pair of boots to match your winter wardrobe? We’ve loving ankle boots this season due to their versatility. If you’ve already got a black pair, invest in some chocolate brown leather or suede boots that will help to soften any look. Opt for lace ups for a more classic design and a thick platform heel for both height and comfort.

Ready to start shoe shopping, ladies? First, be sure to check out the amazing savings you can get on the Black Friday Sale!

Are you looking for the perfect accessory for an upcoming Holiday gathering? Take a look at my new metallic scarf from FRAAS.

These elegant scarves from FRAAS have just the right touch of metallic glitter. The FRAAS metallic scarves come in three different colors: Gold, Silver and Black Combo.

Metallic FRAAS Scarves

These fashionable scarves have a beautiful zebra print with metallic yarns made from a mix of acrylic and viscose.

I’m showing off the black combo scarf in the picture below. Sorry I didn’t dress up more, but as you can see this scarf works perfect with everyday outfits as well.

FRAAS Holiday Metallic Scarf

FRAAS Holiday Metallic Scarf

It feels very comfortable to the skin, is super soft to the touch and unlike many other metallic scarves, it doesn’t itch or scratch at all. The dimensions of this scarf are 12 x 80 inches, making it appropriate for wearing as a wrap over your favorite Holiday outfit.

Black and Silver Scarf by FRAAS

At only $35, this metallic scarf makes a wonderfully luxurious gift for the upcoming season for yourself or a loved one.

The FRAAS zebra metallic scarves are a great way to enhance your wardrobe and for creating a sophisticated look.

FRAAS products are available at department and specialty stores, as well as online retailers. Select styles are available at and You can also order by phone at 212-575-0191.

This product was provided to me, at no cost, by the representing PR agency (Lipton Publicity) for the sole purpose of product testing. I did not accept monetary compensation for reviewing or writing about this product. I only review products that I have personally tested, and all opinions expressed are my own.

It’s in our womanly nature to be huge fans of designer shoes.

Our obsession with feminine heels has caused entrepreneurs to create luxurious shoe collections without breaking the bank. Girls can now find snazzy flats, modish wedges, sassy pumps and our all-time favorite stunning pumps online! Custom websites have been designed to make our shopping easy, simple and most of all, affordable. We have made it our mission to keep up with the hottest trends whether it’s chic, feminine or urban.

Shoe websites now carry top rated shoe collections with the most vibrant hues, patterns and colors. It is now very common for most girls to be constantly drowned with flattering compliments on their gorgeous heels that can be sparkly, shiny, and or even jeweled. What more can a girl ask for? It’s safe to say that some shoe companies have perfected their style with nothing but the best.

With glamorous pumps to classy wedges, ladies are guaranteed the spotlight on their night out!

Booties and Shooties

For all the knock-out Fashionistas- Rocking the hottest shoes has never been this easy. With access to online shoe sites you cannot go wrong. There is an endless variety of what you can find online.

Whether you are in need of sexy pumps, comfortable flats, sandals or the hottest wedges, online access gives you nothing but the best shoe options. Shoe companies have been coming out with fabulous trends season after season and even have Facebook pages sharing their newest arrivals.

They know we ladies have whole lotta downtown desires, and are inspired to fulfill our daring cravings. The best money and time saver is online shopping these days since you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home.

We call that smart shopping.

With just a click away you can shop for the sexiest boots, chic flats or gorgeous heels. Whether you are intrigued by strappy heels, nautical stripes, polka dot, bow pumps or fierce stilettos- the options are endless! The shoe industry is fiercely competitive when it comes to online shopping.

The websites get more and more user friendly, better looking graphics, great product descriptions and displays. Also since you don’t need to waste your time coming in and out of stores, shoe websites can offer you the best prices. Therefore, you as well as the merchandiser save on time and money to maximize the bang in your buck! Now that’s called smart shopping.

This has been brought to you by Zoya Saini, owner at For the latest trends on the hottest heels, you can like us on Facebook or go directly to our website.

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