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I ordered myself a pair of Bumper Amor18 knee-high boots in Camel during an online sales event.

The super low price, around $20, was hard to resist since I’ve been looking for a pair of knee-high boots I could wear into spring and summer. I was offered free next day shipping and received my pair of boots before Noon on the following day. Very impressive!

Bumper knee-high boots

Bumper knee-high boots

The Amor18 knee-high boots by Bumper look gorgeous with its almond toe front, hidden 1 inch platform and 4 inch stacked stiletto heels.

This knee-high boot also features embellishments through side ruching, which is tied at the top; it creates an eye-catching snakelike appearance.

I love the color of the Amor18 Bumper boots in Camel. It’s a nice shade and they have a bit of a textured look to them, even though the boots are made of synthetic fabrics. I was worried that they might look cheap. Luckily I was able to lay my worries to rest quickly. The first time I wore the Amor18 boots in public I received a ton of compliments and considering the low price I’m quite happy with them.

Knee-high boots by Bumper

My new tan boots

I do have to mention a couple of downsides. The Amor18 boots run about a ½ size large. Keep that in mind when ordering your own pair, unless you’re planning on wearing an extra pair of socks or foldable flats. Also, the shaft is a little bit too wide on the top for me and I have fairly athletic calves. I come to find out that all Bumper boots are made that way, a little on the large side.
And lastly, even though the shafts have nice smooth lining the insoles have a lot to be desired. I wouldn’t even consider wearing this pair of knee high boots without placing a pair of my own cushioned insoles in them. (I always have extra pairs of insoles on hand.)

All in all this is a nice pair of boots for the price. If you’re looking for a pair of knee-high boots that you’re planning on wearing frequently and for a long time, than this probably isn’t the right pair for you.

Click on a link to order your own pair of tan knee-high boots by Bumper.

Own a pair of Bumper boots already? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

2 Responses to Review of Bumper Knee High Boots

  • I own a pair of Bumper boots. They look cute and are comfortable but i found them to be the opposite of the blogger’s experience in that they seem more narrow than my normal size 6. I would not order down a size because you can always add inserts if they are loose but you are out of luck if they are too tight.

  • Thank you for your comment about your experience with Bumper boots Andgibs. You made an excellent point.
    Even though a lot of online retailers offer free shipping and return shipping these days, it’s still a bit of a hassle and time consuming having to return your boots.

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