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Zofie Shoes Elegance for Large Feet

Zofie Shoes are elegantly designed with the intention of putting some wisdom in your steps.

In many languages, zofie means “wisdom.”

In Anna’s family, Zofie has an even greater meaning—it is her mother Zofia’s nickname. When she designed this line, she could not think of a better name for the brand. Every woman who slips on a pair of Zofie Shoes should feel as wise and empowered as her mother encouraged her to be.

Elegant Shoes for women with large feet

Elegant Shoes for women

Each season, Zofie will give away a pair of shoes to the customer who has taken the greatest steps to integrate this spirit of giving in her own life. Fellow Zofie friends will vote on their favorite story on Facebook, and hopefully get inspired to take some good steps of their own. Through the Good Steps campaign we hope to inspire women to feel beautiful through well-crafted, beautiful shoes, AND the great work we can all do in those shoes!

We encourage you to learn more about Zofie and explore their inaugural collection. In keeping with the spirit of the brand, each style has a Portuguese-inspired name with an eye on the unique features that inspired them when designing—kindness, nobility, awe, spirit, grace. We hope you’ll see this passionate approach in each pair of Zofie shoes, and that you’ll embody these qualities in your own lives.

The Zofie Shoe collection is clean, bold and classically stylish.
Take a look at these fabulous flats, pumps and booties!

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2 Responses to Zofie Shoes Elegance for Large Feet

  • All the best for your this campaign and hope it will receive huge success. It has a very good motive that is to make women feel beutiful and inspired.

    • Thanks Jenny, I appreciate your comment as well as this beauty tip from your site:
      Apply make-up tastefully and not as if you are whitewashing a wall. Remember, it’s your face and not a wall!

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