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Here is a list of the 3 hottest shoe trends for the upcoming Spring 2012 fashion season!

From hot and sexy high heels for women to lovely and comfortable, there is something for everyone. It’s only you that can decide which style, color and heel height works best for you.

Shoe trend #1 – Pointy Toes

My daughter calls them witches shoes, LOL. Seriously though pointed toes are sexier and more feminine than the rounded toes we’ve seen these past several years. Pointed toes will be featured on closed toed shoes mostly, sandals and booties will still have rounded toes this spring.

spring 2012 shoe trend 2012 spring shoe trend shoe trends for 2012

Shoe trend #2 – Braided sandals

It’s been a while since we’ve seen braided sandals. If you like this style you’re in luck, it’s making a huge comeback. Combing bright colors and unusual ways of braiding will make braided sandals a sure hit in the upcoming season.

braided sandal shoe trend braided shoe trend for 2012 shoe trend for 2012 braided high heels

Shoe trend #3 – Buckles

Lots of buckles on shoes and boots will be in style yet again. Woo hoo, you can wear your favorite shoes from last year for another spring and summer season, or splurge a little on a new pair in spring’s hottest colors. Be on the look out for my upcoming article on Spring Shoe Color Trends.

2012 shoe trend - high heels with buckles shoe trend for spring 2012 sexy sandal with buckles by Bebe - shoe trend for 2012

Do you follow fashion trends or stay with what works best for you? What is your favorite spring shoe trend?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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