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Posted by Silke on August 13, 2010

Did you know? The average person walks approximately 4 miles every day and that doesn’t include exercising. Foot care is much more than a pampering treatment to help you feel good. The earlier you start proper foot care practices the better.

Here are my three tips to keep your feet looking beautiful for your favorite pair of sexy high heeled shoes:

1. Rough, dry or cracked heels

Foot Bath

Hot weather and wearing sandals or going barefoot is hard on your heels, especially since you don’t have the protection of socks. Nothing can ruin a sexy pair of sandals more than rough or cracked heels.
At the end of your day soak your feet in warm soapy water for about 15 minutes. Rinse feet and pat dry. Make a mixture out of one teaspoon Vaseline and the juice of one lemon. Rub this mixture onto the cracked heels and other required areas of the feet until it is thoroughly absorbed. Do this daily until visible results are obtained.

2. Ingrown toenails

The best way to avoid ingrown toenails is prevention. Always trim nails straight across with a sharp toe nail clipper and not too short, allow the corners to protrude. If your nail is very curved down the side DO NOT ‘dig’ down the sides – seek professional help for this. If you ever had an ingrown toenail, you know how painful it can be. It surely takes all the fun out of shoe shopping and wearing high heels.

Using a Pumice

3. Eliminating calluses

Calluses form mostly on your soles but can be found anywhere on your feet. Calluses are hardening or thickening of the skin. Apply non-medicated pads around the callus to relieve pressure. Soak your feet in hot water with ½ cup of baking salt and kosher salt for 20 minutes. Scrub your feet gently with a pumice stone to remove dead skin. Rinse, pat dry and apply your favorite moisturizer, I use an eucalypts infused foot lotion, it soothes and relaxes my tired feet at the end of the day and I love the smell. Cover your feet with wool or cotton socks. Do not try to treat the callus by cutting or trimming it with a razor blade or knife. This is dangerous and can worsen your calluses.

Remember to wear shoes that fit properly and switch your shoes from day to day. Looking for more Tips & Tricks for sexy feet and shoes? Visit the Tips & Tricks page.


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