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I’m sure your favorite pair of designer high heels has cost you a pretty penny.

It’s not easy to find a stylish pair of heels from a known designer for under $100 these days. Most designer shoes are made of high quality leather and although they are usually very durable and long-lasting you still need to care for your high heels properly.

Here are my top 3 tips for taking care of your designer high heels:

3 Tips for taking care of your Designer Heels

Cleaning your designer high heels regularly is crucial

– You need to understand that most designer high heels are pretty fragile, even the ones made from leather. Clean your heels after every outing by using a moistened soft cloth and lightly dab the dust off. If you have  a stubborn stain, dab on some leather shampoo and try to gently rub the stain out with an old toothbrush. Also use a conditioning and/or waterproofing spray regularly to keep your pretty heels in tip-top shape.

Eliminate odor from your heels as soon as you notice it

– Dissolve corn flour and baking soda in several drops of your favorite scented essential oil. Apply this mixture into your high heels and let sit overnight. This will eliminate any unwanted odor that starts to build up over time. Your favorite high heels are fresh once again and ready to keep you company all day long, without any embarrassing smells.

Protect the heels of your designer shoes

– A very elegant and simple solution is to use heel stoppers or heel protectors. Heel stoppers are plastic sleeves that fit over your stilettos and prevent your high heels from sinking into soft dirt or tar. Heel stoppers are especially useful when you’re attending an outdoor wedding or other formal function where you walk in grass or on gravel while wearing your expensive designer heels. Heel protectors are available in different colors, shapes and with or without embellishments.

Protect your designer heels

Take good care of your designer high heels and you can wear them with pride for many years to come.

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Do you have a suggestion or product that you use to keep your high heels looking good? Please share. 


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