Tips for wearing high heels


title pic 8 Tips for High Heels Wearers

Posted by Silke on May 20, 2011

Tips to keep you injury free when wearing high heels:

  1. If you’re shopping and can’t decide between the 3 and 5 inch heels, choose the lower heel.
  2. If you wear your super high heels, don’t drink.
  3. Kick your shoes off under the table when seated.
  4. Take your shoes off to dance.
  5. Change into flats for your trip home.
  6. When you work out, don’t forget to strengthen and stretch your ankle muscles.
  7. If you’ve had a prior ankle injury, think twice before you leave the house in heels.
  8. Practice, practice, practice! With different shoes and on different surfaces.

Model Falling in High Heels

Don’t be embarrassed or feel bad if you do have a mishap, as long as you don’t hurt yourself.

As you can see in this photo and in the video, it can happen to the best of us!

Click the link to watch the video –
Models tripping in High Heels