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10 Sites for Shoe Lovers

If you are anything like me, and since you’re on my blog ‘Sexy Shoes Expert‘ I assume you are, then you love shoes, especially High Heels.

There are so many great resources, and some not so great, for shoe lovers on the internet. It can get very overwhelming, hugely time-consuming  and frustrating.

I have found numerous shoe sites while surfing the web myself, that I go back to again and again. They are a combination of shoe shopping sites, as well as fellow bloggers with a passion for shoes and fashion.

Shoe Lovers Sites

Top Ten Shoe Lovers Sites

Here is my list of 10 Sites for Shoe Lovers:

Shoe Smitten – The savvy guide to heels and steals for women smitten with shoes. The gal from Shoe Smitten gives great style advice, she will also answer your shoe questions and satisfy your fashion cravings.

Shoeaholicsanonymous – This is one of the first blogs about shoes for women I ever came across, and one of the reasons I started my own. This blog is packed with shoe pictures and fun articles like “Why Men Will Never Understand Women’s Love For High Heels”. – If I’m looking for a sexy high heel, this is the first place I look. This shopping website has thousands of sexy shoes to choose from. You can search by brand, style, occasion, trend and even persona. How fun is that? From the All-American girl to Eccentric, they’ll have a pair of shoes you’ll love.

Addicted to Shoes! – There is absolutely nothing wrong with looking at shoes without buying them. The blog Addicted to Shoes! shoe-closet.blogspot can feed shoe addicts like you and me the selections we need. This is where you can see the best-selling shoes from all the top designers. I love to browse!

The Fashion Police – This site is great for your daily dose of laughs. The Fashion Police are an imaginary police force who spend their day hunting down fashion crimes and arresting fashion criminals. If you’ve never been to this site, you have to check it out, just be sure to bring your sense of fashion humor.

Shoes on Amazon – This is the shoe shopping website I probably recommend the most, and for good reason. They have a great selection of shoes for women, and the rest of the family, great prices, free shipping and an easy to follow return policy.

Vegan Shoe Addict – A blog for shoe lovers looking for shoes that are not produced from animals. Vegan Shoe Addict features shoes that look great and didn’t cost the life of a single animal. She gives great reviews and even has a “more vegan shoes, please! campaign”.

Shoe Blog – Get daily news about your favorite shoes and styles at the Shoe-Blog. The seven gals from different parts of the US and England do a wonderful job of keeping us shoe lovers up-to-date on all the latest footwear fashion trends.

Fairyshoeprincess – Shopping for shoes on a tight budget? Take a look at the Fairy Shoe Princess site where you will learn of sales, the latest trends, and of course hear all the latest industry buzz. The Fairy Shoe Princess grants wishes one cute pair of shoes at a time.

High Heels Shoes – This blog is all about high heel shoes and fashion. Susann from High Heels-Shoes tries to answer these three questions: “1. What will this go with? 2. How much will it cost? 3. Where can you buy it?”.  She also does reviews on beauty and health products.

Now that you know where I go to get my shoe fix, leave me a comment and add to the list of great sites for shoe lovers.

Do you have a favorite Shoe Shopping Website or Blog? Besides this one of course 🙂


3 Responses to 10 Sites for Shoe Lovers

  • Silke,
    I’ve been reading the SexyShoesExpert for quite awhile now and I really don’t have a list of favorites, just yours! It will be interesting to see what your looking at. 🙂 Thanks for the list.

  • Hi Anita, it’s always great to hear from you 🙂 Be sure to let me know which one of my Top Ten Shoe Sites you liked best.

  • I got a kick out of the Fashion Police website, very funny stuff. It’s amazing how every website or blog has it’s own look, layout and feel. I still like your SexyShoesExpert blog the best. 😉

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