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A German Mothers Mother’s Day

Living thousands of miles away from my mom always makes me a little sad, especially on special days like Mother’s Day.

Yes, Germans also celebrate Mother’s Day, called Muttertag, and it’s always on the second Sunday in May. The German Florist Union pushed to have this celebration declared a holiday in 1933.

I love and treasure the gifts I have received from my own children on Mother’s Day.

Over the years I have mailed my Mom in Germany many cards, home made gifts and store bought presents of various sizes and values. It’s not much fun mailing a present when you have to give a description of the item and value on the outside of the package. My Mom always calls me upon arrival and thanks me profusely. But being the frugal German that she is, at the same time gives me a little speech on how I shouldn’t spend so much money and I shouldn’t  mail anything overseas since shipping is so expensive.

So, for the past several years I have been ordering a bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day online, using Launched in 2002, FloraQueen has been specializing in on-time quality flower delivery. They operate in six countries and are capable to provide same day flower delivery in over one hundred countries.

Mother's Day Flower Bouquet

Mother’s Day Flower Bouquet

The flower bouquets from FloraQueen are very affordable, the website is easy to use and best of all, my Mom absolutely loves the flowers she receives. Plus she can’t tell how much money I’m spending. 🙂

Are you lucky to have your Mom living closer to you?

Near or Far, shopping online for Mother’s Day Gifts is convenient and hassle free, all with free shipping both ways. 

Maybe your Mom would like a new pair of comfy sandals for summer? Find these and many other styles of sandals here. 

Mother's Day Shoes

New shoes for Mom on Mother’s Day

How do you honor your Mom on Mother’s Day? Leave us a comment below.

UPDATE: My mom called me on Saturday to tell me how much she loved the flowers, she said they are gorgeous. My parents don’t have/use a computer so I can’t see the actual flower bouquet.

My own daughter brought me breakfast in bed on Sunday morning and I received a lovely card and foot massager from my son and daughter. I am very thankful to have such wonderful children.

2 Responses to A German Mothers Mother’s Day

  • Thank you for such an insightful commentary on Mother’s Day. I always knew you were from a Eurpean country but I vnever knew which one. It must be hard to live so far away from your parents? It only makes me want to appreciate my own that much more. Thank you.

  • Anita, I have lived here for a long time now and yes, at times I still wish I lived closer to my parents. Luckily my parents love to travel as much as I do so we do see each other about once a year. ♥

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