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Add some Curve Appeal with Wide Knee High Boots

Fall is here, and like it or not, for the next couple of months it is only going to get colder.

It’s time to put away your shorts and open toed shoes and pull out your cozy sweaters, vibrant scarves and of course your beloved knee-high boots.

Boots that cover your calves and reach up to your knees are a wonderful fashion piece to jazz up any casual outfit, no matter if you’re short or tall. For the curvier beauties among you, and I have pretty good-sized calves myself, there are boots available with a wider calf to accommodate us.

Curve Appeal with wide calf boots

Curve Appeal with Wide Width Knee High Boots

Just like they say at “Every woman should have at least one pair of black knee boots in her closet. She should probably also have a brown pair, a red pair, and a grey pair as well. We have almost every color under the sun to choose from in a wide array of heel heights and shaft embellishments. Get started picking your favorites today!”

Tips for voluptuous knee high boot wearers with wide calves:

What if your boots are a little too tight around your calves when you first try them on?
If your new boots are a bit tight, you can either wear the top portion of the zipper unzipped for about an inch until the soft leather stretches out after wearing them a few times, or you can have them stretched on a boot stretcher by a shoemaker or cobbler.

What if you want to wear warm socks in your calf high boots?
If you are planning to wear a pair of warm socks for the cold weather (which you can do even with dress boots since they come all the way up to your knees and no one will see them), make sure to order your boots either one size larger than you normally wear or one width wider than you normally wear. When boots are made, there is no extra room for socks since they are sized for bare feet, nylons or a thin trouser sock. You can always buy a pair of insoles to place inside your boots to make them tighter in the event that they are a bit too large.

Stock up on your favorite color of calf high boots now, for some added curve appeal, and be ready for winter in style.

Shop for  Wide Width Knee High Boots now!

By the way, what is your favorite boot color? Leave me a comment below.


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