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Advice For Purchasing Shoes Online

Even just a few short years ago most women had to make a trip to a shoe or department store to buy shoes and find the latest styles.

Do you remember how time consuming and frustrating this used to be? 

Driving to the store, looking around the store with the some times very messy shelves, filled with tons of shoes in all different styles and colors. You try on a bunch of different shoes while the clerk is hovering around.

Eventually you find a pair of shoes or two that you like, purchase them and take them home. Some times they would fit just right and you’d love them. More times than not, you put them on again at home and after a few minutes you realize that the left shoe is smaller than the right, or the heel is painfully scraping in the back, or a strap is already coming loose, or you just don’t like that shade of green… Yikes! Now comes the fun part.

Shoe Store

One of Charleston, SC’s many Shoe Stores

Searching for the receipt (hopefully you didn’t throw it away with the bag, I have done that too many times to count), making a special trip back to the store before the return time runs out, dealing with the store clerk and hoping for a full refund. I don’t know about you, but I’ve become way too busy for all this hassle.

Here is some Advice For Purchasing Shoes Online:

  • Shipping Charges

Find out how much the shipping charges will be to your home or business address, before you spend a lot of times adding fabulous shoes to your cart. You may think you’re getting a super bargain by buying shoes on sale or clearance, but if the online store doesn’t offer shipping incentives like $5 shipping for your whole order or better yet, free shipping, you might end up paying more than you anticipated. Many online shoe stores now offer free shipping, especially for first time orders.

  • Delivery Times

If you need to have a special pair of shoes by a certain date be sure to order well in advance. Rush orders are available on most shoe sites of course, but you will pay a hefty price tag for the convenience.  Most orders ship on the same day or the next, if the shoes are in stock, but general delivery will still take anywhere from 2 to 7 days. Some online stores, like Neiman Marcus, do have the option to buy online and pick up your purchases at your nearest store.

  • Returns and Exchanges

The biggest factor when buying shoes online is the ability to return or exchange them easily. All the big online shoe stores now offer free returns and they make it super easy, but don’t take this for granted. There are instances where this might not hold true. If the shoes are heavily discounted then you might not be able to return them. Also, not all return policies are the same, so be sure to check each shoe sites policy page and read their rules and regulations.

online shoe shopping advice

online shoe shopping advice

More and more women are deciding not to go into physical stores, and they are happily buying their shoes online.

I believe this is mostly because we now have access to brands, shoe designers, styles, colors and sizes that are not available to purchase in our local shoe stores. If you feel the need for a pair of bright red women’s size 14 narrow or wide pumps with a 4 inch heel, chances are, you’ll find them at one of many online shoe stores.

Happy Shoe Shopping!

Let me know if you’re looking for a specific pair of shoes in the comments below. I can help!

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