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All Weather Over-The-Heel Boots

Rain & All Weather Over-The-Heel Boots for Women.

With March weather come the Spring rains. Be prepared, dress in style and protect your pretty high heel shoes in style with PYSIS “Posh Galosh” Overboots. A new design of fashionable overboots that can be worn over many different styles of shoes and boots to protect them from rain, slush, salt and snow. This fashion-forward and innovative product allows women to extend the life of their shoes and look great doing it. Primarily designed for narrow-heeled shoes, PYSIS fit many styles of heels – from stiletto to kitten heel to wedge.

Chic boots for over your heels

Stylish and chic rain boots to wear over your high heels.

Open your overboots to accommodate your heels Step into your overboots for heels Close the adjustable straps of your overboots Convenient carrying bag for your overboots

P.Y.S.I.S – Protect Your Shoes In Style

Out of the rain and into style.

“A while back, during a heavy spring rainstorm in NYC, I ruined my good suede boots while walking around and shopping. On one of my stops, I ran into a friend who was wearing a beautiful pair of patent leather boots. When I apologized for my boots in comparison, she said, “Let me show you something!”. She slipped out of her patent leather boots to reveal a pair of suede pumps under them. I couldn’t believe it and I said, “Wait, you are wearing boots over high heels?”.

She then told me that the patent leather boots were called P.Y.S.I.S. boots, an acronym for Protect Your Shoes in Style; and that they were not only rain boots, but they covered heels or even other boots that you don’t want to get damaged by adverse weather. I was in awe and when I got home, immediately ordered a pair of the P.Y.S.I.S. boots for myself. They did not disappoint and even though I had to say good bye to my ruined suede boots, I smiled with the knowledge that I’ll never be caught in the rain again! These boots are comfortable, easy to slip on over shoes and other boots, and a definite stylish staple in any woman’s closet!” – A reviewer from New York

Check out this Pysis Overboot demo video:

  • SIZING: Choose Small, Medium or Large above to see which shoe sizes each accommodates.
  • Adjustable Elastic Straps – for tighter fit, loop around button multiple times
  • Patent PU Upper and treaded rubber sole
  • Insulated and satin lined
  • Sold with convenient carry bag for storage

Shop For OverBoots 

Get a pair of overboots for the office and one for at home.

You’ll never know when those spring showers will surprise you while wearing your pretty heels. Over your heel boots also make a great gift idea for your high heel loving friends. I think these rain and all-weather boots are a brilliant idea!

What do think of these overboots for high heels? Leave me a comment below. 

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