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Are you Obsessed with Designer Shoes?

Are you, like so many of us, obsessed with high end designer shoes?

Even if you have the resources, it’s not always easy to shop for designer shoes. Why is that you ask?

Besides needing the necessary spending money, it is almost impossible to find high-end designer shoes if you happen to live in a small town. It also takes some know-how to find genuine designer articles versus cheap knock offs.

Designer Shoes for Women by Ralph Lauren

The Ralph Lauren Collection

Turning to online shopping for designer shoes is a wonderful idea, as long as you keep a few things in mind.

  • Online shopping is usually extremely safe and enjoyable, but be aware that not all online retailers are created equal. Be careful, especially when you’re shopping for expensive items like designer footwear which can range anywhere from a couple hundred to thousands of dollars.
  • Stick with major retailers and websites. Many sites claim to have shoes “styled” after a certain designer. They are not selling the actual label, but a cheap knock-off. Do your homework! Read the fine print and know what the designer label looks like.
  • When possible use the official websites of the designer you like, visit sites that have been recommended to you by friends or sites that you already know. New shoe sites are popping up all the time, and some of them may be great – but it’s best to check them out before placing an expensive order. Check them out before you buy at or
  • Learn about retailers shipping and return policies before you purchase anything online. Items should be in stock and ready to ship within a few days. Return policies should also be of utmost concern to you. Most reputable sites will allow returns of unworn shoes within a certain time period, and several top shoe sites will offer free returns. If the shoes aren’t returnable, look elsewhere, or know you’re taking a big risk.

Here are a few of my favorite Designer Shoes:

Ralph Lauren Collection Jena Leather Peep Toe Sandal -> view here
Prada Suede Cutout Sandal -> view here
Sergio Rossi Suede Platform Bootie -> view here
Giuseppe Zanotti Metallic Leather Crystal Sandal -> view here
Miu Miu Suede Platform Pump -> view here

Who is your favorite Shoe Designer for Women?  Leave your comments below.


2 Responses to Are you Obsessed with Designer Shoes?

  • I love DSW but I must say that 6pm is where I spend the vast majority of my online shoe dollars. They have stellar sales & are affiliated with both Zappos & Amazon so you know you’re getting the genuine article. I agree with you on making sure to read the fine print, nothing worse than getting a “styled after” “inspired by” article from somewhere off the beaten path & finding that out the hard way.

  • I haven’t made a purchase from DSW’s online store, but I absolutely love the huge clearance sections in their stores. I can easy spent a couple hours trying on shoes 🙂 6pm is great and I also recommend They let you choose several pairs of the same style and you can return the ones that don’t fit.

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