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Best In The Shower Body Lotion

You will get the most beautiful skin with this in-shower body lotion.

Did you know that during your shower is the best time to maximize moisture absorption? You have about a 30 second window of time after you dry yourself off to slather on some hydrating lotion before all the moisture that’s already on your skin evaporates. That’s why I’m introducing you to Avon’s first rinse-off body lotion. Meet our new Moisture Therapy In-Shower Moisturizer!

Applying the Moisture Therapy lotion in the shower before you pat yourself off with a towel will seal in all the moisture from the steam, while simultaneously taking your beauty and shower routine to the fast lane. Your skin will feel and look amazingly beautiful and you just added a few extra minutes to your day.

Beauty inspired lotion for in the shower

Best In Shower Moisturizing Lotion

This timesaving innovation has unique formulas that work with the warmth and humidity of the shower to seal in moisture and immediately soothe dry skin.

Speed up your moisturizing routine when adding these in-shower steps.

  • Wash off your skin
  • Apply our Moisture Therapy In-Shower Body Lotion
  • Rinse off and you’re ready to go!

Moisturizing your body has never been so easy. Moisture Therapy In-Shower Body Lotion…ADD Link… comes in four different scents and you can grab it for a special introductory prices of only $3.99 for a limited time (regularly priced at $8!).

Do you prefer to take a bubble bath or rather use a traditional body lotion?

If you you are looking for products to help improve the healthy look and glow of your skin, I have got you covered!  Check out this amazing line of Skin So Soft bath & body products.

Shop Bath Products

Ladies and gals will find the perfect products from sensuous bath oils to bubble baths, body sprays and healing hand lotions.

What’s your favorite bath product? Leave me a comment. 

One Response to Best In The Shower Body Lotion

  • I tried the in-shower body lotion for the very first time last night. It smells so good and was super easy to use, I was in and out of the bathroom in record time. This is truly a time saver and my skin feels amazing! You have to try this in-shower lotion for yourself to believe it, get it while it’s still on sale.

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