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Black and White High Heels

I spent some time browsing for shoes this weekend and noticed all these gorgeous black and white high heels on sale.

Black and white ladies shoes are extremely versatile and can be worn during every season. From the little black and white sexy sandals that will accentuate your perfectly manicured feet to that flirty pair of ankle boots, these two tone shoes will complete any ensemble.

United Nude black and white heelsThe black and white heels by United Nude caught my eye. The mix of elastic and leather straps plus a very unique looking two tone heel make this pair stand out.


White and Black Pleaser PumpIn the height of summer a sexy white and black pump, like the beautiful open toed pump from Pleaser, goes well with a colorful sundress or light weight cotton slacks. The Pleaser Seduce pump is a sassy shoe that will prove to go a long way in your wardrobe.


Miss Me Vex Black and White Zebra High HeelAnimal prints will be huge again this year as well! To stay on course with the Black and White High Heels theme I have found some fabulous Zebra print shoes.

From the “black tie affair” to that “little black dress” and even for the casual look, having a pair of black and white high heels on hand will add versatility to your sexy shoes collection.

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