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Black Boots & Fun Tights

Right now is a great time to shop for sexy black boots and tights!

I love to wear funky tights with sexy boots and I’m not the only one. The other day I received the following question “Why are high-heels so sexy when worn with leggings?“. Wearing a pair of tights or legging will cover any leg imperfections and make the wearer more confident. They are also comfortable and fun to wear. Pumps are of course the ultimate sexy shoes to wear with leggings.

Another tried and true recipe for what to wear with leggings and fun tights is a great pair of black high heel boots. Tall boots with a wedge or kitten heel, chunky or super-slim heels all look fabulous with leggings, tights and skinny jeans. They just go together, and they make you feel really sexy and hip when you are wearing them.

black boots and leggings

To make your legs look longer and more elegant, choose boots and leggings or tights in the same color to make one unbroken line from your toes up to your thighs. Click the image to find an amazing pair of sexy black boots from Chinese Laundry for under $50.

Pairing Black Boots and Leggings is especially good for elongating your legs!

The girl in the picture below is wearing colorful cat eye tights with a black dress and black ankle boots. She pulls this outfit together perfectly.  Classy and playful, well done!

black boots by mia

I have a pair of rust colored tights with Marilyn Monroe’s face outlined on them that I bought in Germany years ago. I love to wear them, and needless to say, I always get noticed when I pair them with black high heel boots.

Fall and Winter are a great time to buy black boots, leggings and tights, they’re all on sale!

Black Boots on sale

Fun Black Boots on Sale at

Buy black boots on sale and pair them with the funkiest pair of tights you can find. Have fun with it! 🙂

Do you love wearing fun and funky tights or leggings? Please leave your comments below.


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