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Chelsea Boots are Great in the Autumn

Late summer is a time when fashion rules seem to go right out of the window.

Everyone wanders around in their shorts and tees, taking the world one step at a time. Then suddenly, it’s back to work, back to school, back to Uni, and time seems to speed up again.

All of a sudden your summer dresses seem faded, your shades are scratched and your collection of floral vest tops seems less than appealing.

Perfect boots for Fall

Perfect Fall Boots by Coach

It’s at this point that I would recommend having a good browse of the fashion websites and getting a feel for what’s out there. This autumn, there are all sorts of weird and wonderful styles afoot, ranging from the ultra-grungy to the ultra-glam. For instance, the Baboushka look is a mish-mash of floral prints, knitted cardies and cute blouses, whilst the College prep trend sees a return of those old favorites – the baseball sweater, the pleated mini skirt and the bomber jacket. At the same time, animal print, jacquard patterns and burgundy are all hot. There are loads of cool looks to check out.

Maybe it’s the sudden change in weather, maybe it’s the fact that returning to South Carolina from abroad can be a bit of a shock, but this girl is desperate to get out there and stock up on new clothes. I love how this time of year brings with it chilly evenings (even in the South), crisp mornings and cozy nights in front of the fire. I’m excited about buying a new coat, new boots and new autumn wear.

Chelsea Boots for Fall

Chelsea Boots For Women

One thing that’s going to be huge this autumn is the Chelsea boot. A Chelsea boot is an ankle boot which is tight fitting. They have an elastic siding, making them suitable for horse riding. The Chelsea boot originated in Victorian times as a handy piece of footwear to have for men and women living busy, hard-working lives. As the boots had a low heel, they could be worn by riders. Their tough leather casing made them long-lasting and durable, whilst the elasticated side made them easy to slip on and off.

With their outdoorsy feel, Chelsea boots for women make the perfect choice of footwear this autumn. Whether you’re heading for a stroll through the autumnal woods, or going for lunch in town, Chelsea boots teamed with skinny leather look jeans or a pair of harem trousers, or any other trousers for that matter, will make you look effortlessly cool. Wearing a pair of Chelsea boots helps to create the down-to-earth, laid back vibe that is all the rage right now.
Why not team your Chelsea boots with a retro parka, leather jacket or pea coat? Or, accessorize with a maroon overcoat and matching Chelsea boots. Checks are still going to be huge this autumn, so why not wear a tartan skirt, monochrome blazer and black leather Chelsea boots perfect for work or play?

However you choose to wear them, armed with your Chelsea boots you’ll be ready to tackle any kind of weather head-on. You will also rest safe in the knowledge that you look pretty on-trend for autumn.

Do you own a pair of Chelsea boots for fall? Please leave a comment below.


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