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Comfortable High Heels are not a Myth

If you regularly wear high heels then you know how uncomfortable they can get.

Lauren Deloach owner of D&R Style Consulting and Category5 says in one of her articles: “Outside of clothing, the single most area women complain about in terms of comfort is their shoes. I can’t say what neurons get crossed in a woman’s mind that gives her enough gall to put on anything other than a dress shoe with dress clothing, but I will say that comfort appears to be the root cause.”

Even I, living in a smaller town have seen one or two very  professional lady’s wearing a business attire and running shoes. It took all my willpower not to go up to them and ask what they were thinking? Please, leave your running shoes at the gym or pair them with casual wear on your days off.

Comfortable High Heel by Cole Haan

Comfortable High Heels

Based on Nike’s innovative running shoe technology Cole Haan has created comfortable high heel shoes that are truly fashionable.

Here are fellow shoe lovers telling us which shoes they find the most comfortable.

Lorraine: “The easiest and most impressive heels of the moment come from Nicholas Kirkwood. The sculptural look and fierce styling implies they’ll be a devil to keep on all day but they are without doubt the most comfortable of all the new designers.”

Sarah: “Miu Miu makes the most comfortable shoes. I wear heels wherever I go and I can always rely on Miu Miu for comfortable killer heels that add an edge to my look.”

Anita:  “I love the way Pierre Hardy takes classic styles inspired by sportswear or men’s shoes and adds a heel.”

Naughty Monkey heels are comfortable

Heels can be comfortable

Of course there are days and circumstances where you can’t wear high heels or your feet simply can’t stand it anymore. After walking around Seattle for several hours recently my feet were covered in blisters, even though I was wearing shoes that are usually very comfortable.  It’s always a good idea to have a pair of roll up flats in your purse, desk or car.

Comfortable high heels are perfect for the office and any business or formal occasion.

The most comfortable shoes in my closet right now are a pair of high heels by Naughy Monkey. They fit my feet perfectly and even though they are pretty high, I have no problems walking or standing in them for long stretches at a time.

Do you have a favorite comfy pair of high heels? Please share in the comment section below.

3 Responses to Comfortable High Heels are not a Myth

  • I like to dress up to go out as well as for my job. I know going into this that at the end of the day my feet will be sore and I’ll be looking forward to taking them off. Naturally I gravitate to the shoes that offer the most comfort and style combined. My shoe of choice is by Steve Madden. They offer comfort as well as support and I can still stay sexy. =;)

  • Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Wanita, thanks for sharing your favorite comfy shoes. I have a pair of pumps by Steve Madded and love them as well. ♥

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