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Dark Red High Heels for Sexy Shoe Lovers

Dark Red is a favorite color for many sexy shoe lovers. It inspires confidence!

The color for September 23 – October 22 birthday girls is fittingly Dark Red.

If your birthday falls between those dates than my dear Libra, you are one good-looking, confident goddess!

Happy Birthday to all Libra Shoe Lovers!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter on September 30!

You are a true Libra, and I know how much you love dark red heels. 🙂

Of course, all of the Zodiac Goddesses are beautiful, but the Libra has that special glow that comes from having a heart that sincerely loves everyone.

Being born under Libra, you are fair-minded, gentle and possess a firm way of resolving conflicts between people you love.

The Libra Goddess is the word “grace” in all its senses. Shop for Dark Red Shoes!

My pick of favorite Dark Red High Heels:

Red suede shoe by Paris Hilton


Red platform pumps to die for.


Red slingback shoe with open toe by Just Fab


Bright red suede boot by ZiGiny

Don’t be afraid to splurge a little on a sexy pair of Red high heels for your Birthday Libra Goddess!
For the rest of us shoe lovers… who can resist a gorgeous pair of Dark Red Heels?

Which one of these Dark Red High Heels would you love to wear? Leave a comment below.


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