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Do Women Wearing High Heels Make More Money?

Women who go with the high heel dress code are more secure and calm in their workplace.

Shoes with heels might be second nature to some women, but that doesn’t mean that we enjoy wearing them constantly. As much as I love high heels even I often prefer to replace them with low heeled shoes during the long workday, especially when I know I have to walk or stand for a long period of time.

“Low shoes are for those who give up. If a woman cannot wear heels, can she really take over the world?” This question was asked to a businesswoman from Manhattan in the New York Times newspaper. It gives rise to a discussion that in turn leads to a study – what is the attitude of women to high shoes in the workplace.

Business woman wearing high heels

A business woman in high heels

Are Women In High Heels More Successful?

It turns out that in the U.S. 45% of the women have given up high heeled shoes because they cause pain. 38% of the respondents did say that they put on heels, but only when they are needed. And only 16% agree with the statement of the Manhattan businesswoman, stating that they “wear shoes that hurt them because the power is everything.”

A study cited by the site SheKnows, attracts more attention. According to the study, tall people earn more money per year. It states the following, “every inch equals 789 dollars more per year, regardless of sex, weight and age. 6 inches more height, for example, mean 4,734 dollars higher salary.” On what are these interesting statements based, you might ask?

As stated by psychologists, tall people develop leadership skills at a young age because they look larger than their peers. Moreover, it is no surprise that the their height gives them more confidence and a sense of superiority over others. Therefore, on a subconscious level, tall people seek more grandstanding and career heights.

In conclusion, if you’re not blessed with a natural height above 5′ 5″ or so, you can always obtain the height artificially. Wear a pair of beautiful high heels suitable for your official dress code. There are lots of comfortable high heels available on the market these days.

For instance, check out the Michelle dress shoes from Naturalizer. A beautiful platform pump with a 3 ” heel in a timeless style. This shoe offers an impressive foot bed and is available in 17 different colors and materials. A great business shoe to give you some added height for only $89.00!

Do you have a favorite pair of high heels for work? Leave me a comment below. 


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