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Fall and Winter Footwear Survey Results

Quite a while ago I posted a Fall/Winter survey.

To tell the truth I forgot about it until today. Luckily quite a few of you found the survey and took the time to answer the five short questions.

Here are the results from the Fall/Winter Survey:

1. Favorite color of Fall/Winter shoes & boots? Are you brave and stray from drab colors?
Black and Gray are tied in first place and Brown came in third. I would have thought for sure that Red would be a popular color for this fall and winter season, but most of you are playing it safe and sticking to conservative colors. Actually, I’m on the look out for a pair of Gray wedge ankle boots myself right now.

2. Favorite style of Fall/Winter foot ware? Are hiking boots sexy?
With the new super cute hiking/high heel hybrids it’s no wonder hiking boots came in as a strong third, with ankle boots and knee high boots in first and second place.

3. What is your ideal heel height for Fall/Winter foot ware? How high do you go?
All answers were between 2 – 3 inches, with the majority being 3 inches.
That makes absolute sense, especially if you live in a cold weather climate like myself. It’s hard enough to walk on slush and ice without having to worry about slipping and sliding in your heels. Personally I love to wear wedges in the winter time.

4. How long do you keep your Fall/Winter foot ware? When is it time to let go?
The majority of you keep their shoes and boots for 4 to 6 seasons, there are a few of you that get rid of them after only 2 or 3 seasons. As we all know fashion is very fickle. If you have the room to store your footwear properly you should keep them, especially your high end boots and shoes. Fashion usually comes back around after 5 – 10 years and your outdated footwear will be back in style.

5. Where do you purchase your Fall/Winter foot ware? Do you shop online or not?
66.7% of you purchase their shoes and boots on various online shoe shopping websites, with being the number one. That’s great to hear. 🙂

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Thank you to all who participated in the Fall/Winter Footwear Survey! ♥ Silke

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