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Getting to know your local Shoe Cobbler

My daughter borrowed my Panic sandals by Naughty Monkey for prom a few weeks ago.

She didn’t give them back right away, later I found out why. The vamp on the left shoe came loose and she was afraid I would be upset with her.  I told her not to worry about it and looked up our local cobbler.

Shoe and leather repair shop | My Local Cobbler

My Local Shoe Cobbler

Dan’s Shoe & Leather Repair shop is only 8 blocks from where we live. How lucky can a shoe lover get? “Dan’s Shoe & Leather Repair is the result of serious, deliberate thought leading to a decision to do work that is personal and rewarding.  Each and every repair job is a chance to “do something special” for the customer- each repair job becomes an opportunity to provide a creative solution to an individual problem.”

In conversation with Dan I found out that he lived in Germany for four years, back in the 70’s, and two of his four children were born there. He also told me that there are only about 6,000 cobblers left in the United States. Only 200 of these hard working folks are members of the Shoe Service Institute of America, even though membership is only like $25/year. Dan attributes this to the fact that most cobblers are over 65 years of age and not very tech savvy.

I am glad I got to know my local cobbler, besides having fun conversations and knowing that my precious shoes are in good hands, my husband and I found a few items in his shop that will make perfect gifts for the upcoming Holiday season. I’m thinking of getting my Dad and brother in Germany new leather belts.

Do you know where your local cobbler shop is? On your next visit you might want to offer some online help. Let’s keep this age-old guild alive and thriving.

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