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Glytone Back Acne Treatment Spray

This health related article really doesn’t have anything to do with sexy shoes or even fashion accessories.

It does have a lot to do with feeling sexy and being confident. If you have ever suffered from acne, especially acne on your back, then you know what I’m talking about. This is my story on how the Glytone Back Ance Treatment Spray saved my sanity. (Sorry, I don’t have a before picture, there was no way in hell I would have posed for a picture back then.)

It took me years to get rid of back acne! I developed a severe case of back acne about five years ago, around the same time I started dating my now husband Nick. Virtually overnight I went from having a beautiful, healthy looking back to a back that itched, burned and looked horrible. The acne started around my neck and between my shoulders blades. At first I thought it was just a temporary thing. Thinking that maybe I had an allergic reaction to the body soap, shampoo or detergent I was using. I tried to think of anything I’ve started doing differently, but couldn’t think of anything.

Well, six to eight weeks went by with absolutely no change, my back acne got worse actually. By now I have tried several different acne remedies and over the counter back acne products before I finally decided to see my doctor. She perscribed an acne lotion and refered me to a dermatologist. He in turn perscribed two different acne lotions, one for the morning and one for at night.

By now most of my upper back was covered with bad cystic acne and there was no way I would be able to cover the affected area by myself. Luckily, Nick wasn’t offended by it and offered to apply the different acne lotions for me. I can’t even describe how embarrassed and horrified I felt. By now, I’ve gone through several hundred dollars worth of acne lotions, sprays, tonics, soaps and many months of agony.

I couldn’t and wouldn’t wear tank tops, sundresses, bathing suits or anything else that showed my back. I was miserable because my back itched and burned almost all of the time. I just couldn’t find relief.

Acne Free Back with Glytone

Finally – My Acne Free Back with Glytone

This actually went on for several years until Nick asked me to marry him. We wanted to get married in the summer and I told him (only half jokingly) “I’m not getting married until my back acne is cleared up“. Right around the same time I saw an online ad for Glytone Back Acne Spray. I read the description and since the price was a little high I thought about it and didn’t place an order right away.

I’ve already wasted so much money, I was a little reluctant to spend more on a product I’ve never heard about. So, over the next few days I did extensive online research on the product and found the least expensive supplier. I decided to give it a try, I didn’t have anything to loose other than more money and hope.

When I received the Glytone Back Acne Spray I already knew about the smell and thought I was prepared. Yikes! The first time I sprayed the back acne treatment spray I almost choked, but learned quickly that the smell dissipates within seconds. That night, when I used it for the second time, I held my breath while spraying and then left the bathroom for a minute or two. I can honestly tell you, this is the only negative aspect I have found and I’ve used the Glytone back acne spray for over a year now.

It was truly amazing! Within one week of using the Glytone back acne spray my back started clearing up. The pustules started dissappearing and the itching stopped. At the beginning I used the cystic acne treatment twice a day, it truly does spray at every angle. I was so relieved that I didn’t have to bother Nick anymore. Nick and I got married three weeks after I started using the back acne treatment at home and I was actually wearing a dress with spaghetti straps. How exciting is that?

Glytone Acne Treatment Spray

Glytone Acne Treatment Spray

After the inflamed areas healed up, I started to use the Glytone back acne spray only once a day, at night time. Honestly, once my skin started to heal I never had another flareup. I’m still on the same bottle I purchased last year and these days I only use the spray about once a week.

Every now and again I’ll have an itch on my back and I will automatically think, “Oh no! The acne on my back is starting up again.” I still have about 1/3 of the bottle left and once I’m running out I will purchase another one to have on hand, just in case.

I have been wanting to write this review for several months now. I am very impressed with the back acne spray from Glytone and only waited this long to see if I could attest to long term changes. Yes, I certainly can! My back is healthy looking and I’m feeling sexy once again. I thank my lucky stars that I was able to find this product and only wish I would have known about this home back acne treatment spray when I first started breaking out. It would have saved me a huge amount of money, pain and emotional suffering.

If you, or someome you know, is suffering from back acne or any type of body acne give this back acne home treatment spray from Glytone a try. I can promise you will not be disappointed! Glytone back acne spray contains 2% Salicylic Acid, Benzalkonium Chloride, Isopropyl Alcohol, Polysorbate 20 and Water. I don’t know how the Glytone spray works, but it definetly worked for me!

Click here to order your own Glytone Acne Treatment Back Spray!

Click here for other Glytone acne treatment products!

Have you tried this or any of the other Glytone products? Leave me a comment below.


8 Responses to Glytone Back Acne Treatment Spray

  • Wow. I’ve been reading your blog spots for quite some time and I’ve always been impressed. This time you really put yourself ‘out there’. Thank you for sharing this personal story. I actually have a niece who can attest to being embarrassed to show her shoulders because of acne. I will pass this one on to her = ; )

    • Thank you Anita, it took me a little while to write this one. Please do share with your niece. It’s hard to deal with this as an adult, but even worse for teenagers and younger people with all the peer pressure and such these days. ♥

  • Collecting shoes regardless of brands are really my passion but it’s just that I can’t no longer bare to see that their color has been fading slowly s time pass by. It’s really hard to look for the one that truly works for it’s color and very rear to find and usually it’s expensive that is why I really extend my effort to express my sense of gratification to the one who is behind the idea of this post.

  • Absolutely a number of individuals are feeling awkward due to their acne which abnormally grows at the back portion of their body and hinders them to wear revealing kind of dress. This post had entail so much information and tips how to handle back acne well.

    • Hi Allyn, I appreciate your comment and I’m very happy to announce that my back is still acne free after several years. It is truly very agonizing and painful having to deal with these kind of skin problems. I am very lucky to have found the Glytone spray, it worked for me. ♥ Silke

  • Precisely you were right that acne really hurts and the pain is agonizing but then I was amaze on how you had handle your back acne well? That was very tormenting and a big disgrace that affects our social dwellings.

  • Silke~ I’ve been suffering from mild back acne for years, but just six months ago my acne flared up even worse. Like yours it started near my neck and has since spread to my upper back, shoulders and is now creeping into my chest. I recently saw a dermatologist and they prescribed me birth control to regulate my hormones and told me of this back spray. Despite the price, my mom bought it for me on the spot. Like you, I’ve struggled with asking others to apply lotions or creams to my back (I live in a house of girls at college, we’re close but not that close!) so the idea of a spray was freeing. I just applied it for the first time tonight and as you said, the smell was pretty unbearable. I had read the label ahead of time though and expected it, I still think my cat was laughing at me as I ran out of the bathroom! I don’t mind the odd scent too much if like you said, the end result is worth it. Your amazon review is what lead me to your website and this more detailed blog review. I must thank you for posting about your trial of using Glytone back acne spray because now I can see that glimmer of hope. I haven’t been willing to bare my back for years and I can only hope to have as positive results as you shared. Thanks for posting this, as you’re about the only blog post I could find! (And this was a very helpful post indeed!)

  • Hi Shelby, thank you for your wonderful comment. I’m glad you found my article and it gave you some reassurance. I am still acne free to this day, yay :)and I never had to purchase a second bottle.
    Keep in mind, this is not an overnight cure. It will take several weeks, so don’t give up.
    ♥ Silke

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