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High Heel Comfort

Many of the shoes we wear are not particularly comfortable on the best of day and downright unbearable on others.

So many of us sacrifice comfort when it comes to fashion, especially in high heels and most of us can’t afford $400+ designer shoes.
Here are a few suggestions to make your shoes more comfortable and you happier to be walking in them.

Kushyfoot Non Slip Open Toe Covers

Socks that help relieve tension and discomfort in achy feet and stress and fatigue throughout the entire body. You can get Kushyfoot for your high heels, flats, boots, mules, sandals and even flip-flops. Try out their fun interactive Shoe Style Selector KushyFoot.

Kushy Foot Covers

Superfeet Premium Insole

Insoles help relieve the pain and discomfort caused by an unsupported foot during everyday activities. Many cushioned insoles are made with gel or soft foam alone. Superfeet insoles on the other hand have an encapsulation stabilizer system that provides ideal support for your feet, lowering the risk of fatigue and injury. They come in different colors and some are designed specifically for high heels. To help keep your insoles in place use double sided tape or Velcro dots.

Premium Insoles

Foot Petals

Flower-shaped ball-of-foot petals cushion the impact of walking, prevent calluses from forming, stop your toes from being crunched and prevent the foot from sliding forward. You can definitely tell the difference when your walking in high heels with foot petals. They are cheaper than insoles but not transferable from one shoe to another. Tip toe foot pedals come in different colors, as a single or triple pack.

Foot Pedals

Choose just one of these High Heel Comfort products and you will feel a huge difference the next time you wear your high heels.

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