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High High Heels

Extreme High Heels – what is too high when it comes to women’s shoes?

Extreme High Heels

Extreme High Heels

Celebrity models take tumbles in their sky high heels and the always adorable Kelly Ripa has a love affair with high high heels. Wearing ultra high heels might sounds good when you’re on a stage, posing for pictures or even for short dinner parties at your own home. In reality, I don’t know how anyone can walk in these extreme high heels for more than a few minutes.

Did you know that high heels have doubled in height since the 1970? What is the highest heel you would wear?

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3 Responses to High High Heels

  • Every woman, want to have a pair of beautiful legs. The simplest method is: everyday wear high heels! Wear high heels to walk every day, and can help you to correct the ugly way of walking still can thin. Kill two birds with one stone things, what is there against it?

    • Hi heels, not sure what you mean with “correct the ugly way of walking”. Wearing high heels does make you look taller and leaner, but you need to learn how to walk properly in heels. Also, it’s best to mix up your heels everyday to avoid pressure points on your feet and other more serious calamities. Thanks for leaving a comment. ♥

      • hi Silke,
        some women walk in a clearly unfeminine way that high heels (when properly worn) tends to correct.

        of course you are right in that you need to learn who to walk on high heels but precisely that’s what makes a woman walk in a seductive feminine way.

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