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HK by Heidi Klum Shoe Collection

I love the HK by Heidi Klum shoe collection!

This German gal is absolutely gorgeous, super smart and her accent is so close to my own it’s a little unnerving for me to listen to her 😉 Needless to say, I feel a connection to Heidi and the sexy shoes she promotes.

We grew up in the same part of Germany, although a couple of years apart, and the way it looks we have very similar taste in shoes. Of course, I couldn’t even fathom having her lifestyle and being able to afford the clothes and shoes she can. I can only dream of a thousand dollar or more shoe budget. Regardless, I applaud her efforts of bringing high quality and sexy looking shoes to us less fortunate. Sadly, we can’t all be wealthy super models.

All of the shoes in the HK shoe collection by Heidi Klum are stylish, fashionable and affordable.

Heidi Klum Shoes

Shop the HK by Heidi Klum Shoe Collection!

Enjoy this video with Heidi Klum!
A beautiful German girl and sexy shoes. What else can you ask for?

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