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International Shoe Sizing Chart

A shoe size chart that will come in handy for your online shoe shopping or when traveling overseas.

The other day my daughter sends me a text ‘What’s my European shoe size?’. She found a cute pair of boots online for only $12, my little bargain shopper. Yes, the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. Too bad they only had the boots in size 36, she wears a 38 like myself. Having grown up in Germany I knew right away that her feet are bigger than a size 36 EU, which makes it about a size 6 shoe in the US. Knowing your shoe size in different countries can come in very handy when shoe shopping online. Bargain finds, like the ones my daughter found, usually go very quick, so always be prepared.

If you are interested in buying shoes from an international source, you will quickly find that the shoe sizes are not the same as what you are probably used to. Don’t let that hold you back from buying shoes online though, that’s what this chart is for. Just be sure to look for a return policy before making your shoe purchase.

This International Shoe Sizing Chart is easy to read, you can print it out and stick it in your purse or suit case.

This chart is a blessing for purchasing shoes in Europe, England, Japan, United States, Canada, Mexico, Korea and Australia.

International Shoe Sizing Chart

I have used this international shoe sizing chart for purchasing shoes online and in different countries.

You can use the shoe size converter chart to convert your shoe size across any of the various shoe sizing systems used world wide. How clever is that?

Do you have a favorite online shoe shopping site? Leave me your comment below.

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