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Scala Sun Hats – The Perfect Summer Accessory

With only a few days left before our big move from the still cold and wintry state of Minnesota to sunny and warm South Carolina, this floppy style Scala Sun Hat arrived at a perfect time.

My skin hasn’t felt the sun’s rays since last summer sometime and I have been stocking up on sun screen for weeks now. As we all know the American Academy of Dermatology recommends wearing a wide-brimmed hat in addition to broad-spectrum sunscreen to stave off the sun’s damaging rays. What better way to do just that than with this perfect summer accessory.

Scala Sun Hat Review

Scala Sun Hat Review

Tropical Trends Sun Hat
This pretty and super chic women’s sun hat has a four inch brim to cover most of your face from morning until late afternoon. It’s made out of a paper braid so it is very light weight and doesn’t squash down your hair. The self sizing tie adjusts to individual head sizes as well, so it’s still practical to wear this sun hat at the beach on windy days.

This brimmed sun hat is available in four different color variations. The main part of the hat is natural with different trim tipping the brim, you can choose from fuchsia, turquoise, black or tea. Best of all, it carries the UPF sun protection factor of 50 plus. It is so important to protect your delicate facial skin in the summer time!

Another great advantage of this Scala sun hat is the fact that you can stuff this baby in a beach or travel bag and take it away on your vacation or day trips. Take it out of the bag upon arrival and viola, it bounces right back into shape. As a matter of fact, I received the hat in the mail and it was stored in a mailing bag for who knows how long.

The Tropical Trends sun hat retails for only $25 and will look great with any sun dress, casual wear or beach wear.  A fashionable sun hat is truly the perfect summer accessory. 

Visit Hartford York to order your very own Scala Sun Hat today.

Be sure to come back and tell me which color you picked. 🙂

This product was provided to me, at no cost, by the representing PR agency (Lipton Publicity) for the sole purpose of product testing. I did not accept monetary compensation for reviewing or writing about this product. I only review products that I have personally tested, and all opinions expressed are my own.

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