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Spring Styles for the Guys

It’s a well know fact that women love to dress up. We have dress up clothes for work and matching pairs of shoes, special outfits for fun nights out on the town and of course for those hot dates with our spouses or significant others.

How about your man? Was one of his New Year’s resolutions to dress better? If not, maybe it should have been. LOL

Some timeless pieces you can add to his wardrobe that he will love to wear:

A Versatile Suit
Whether he suits up for work everyday, or only on special occasions, he needs a suit that exudes sophistication. A timeless two-button, notch lapel gray, black, or navy suit looks refined and will continue to for years to come. Take his measurements at home for a tailored fit or better yet, bring him along and promise him a treat of his choice afterwards.

White Button Up Shirt
Dress shirts in bold colors and crazy patterns are great, but every guy needs a couple of classic white button up shirts. He probably has one already, but since they don’t look fresh or stay white forever (especially around the collar), it’s good to have at least a few at his disposal.

Spring Styles for Men


Tips from my local Menswear store on how to measure for dress shirts:

  1. Measure around your man’s neck. This will give you the neck size. This is the first number in the size of a dress shirt. For example if the shirt is sized 15, 32, 33 – the 15 is the neck size and the 32, 33 is the sleeve length.
  2. Measure the length of his arm from the shoulder to the wrist. This will give you the sleeve length with the arm outstretched & bent at the elbow.
  3. That’s it, with these two measurements you are ready to buy a dress shirt.

Cashmere Sweater
Every guy should have at least one well-made cashmere sweater in his closet. This soft, lightweight material is more comfortable than a favorite T-shirt, and so much more stylish and touchable. Believe me, you won’t be able to keep your hands off of him.

Leather Gloves
Stick those ratty knitted mitts on the snowman, or hide them on the bottom of your winter storage box and invest in a pair of simple and functional leather gloves. Professional men wear leather gloves. Bonus if the leather is super soft, especially for hand holding on your chilly evening walks.

Wingtips Shoes
Those old-fashioned wingtips are the must-have contemporary office shoe once again. Your sweetie can wear them with a suit for a big meeting, or with jeans when you’re off the clock.They are classic and professional plus they add lots of personality. Brown wingtips shoes age beautifully, but black or gray will do as well.

Before your next big date head to the men’s department store in your town or shop Nordstrom’s online for great savings. Remember to pick up a little something that will make you feel special as well, and rest assured, getting dressed up once in a while isn’t going to hurt him one bit.

When your guy looks good, he will feel good and make you the envy of all your girlfriends.

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