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Summer is almost here – time to show off your legs

Even in the most northern hemisphere the weather is finally warming up.

We’ve had some pretty cold and rainy days here in Minnesota as of late but I’m hopeful that the warm weather is here to stay for a while.

Just Fab - $54.99

Just Fab – $54.99

That’s why there is no better time than right now to show off your legs and wear your favorite mini skirt, shorts or even short shorts.

Flip-Flops are a great choice if you want to go casual or to run a quick errand.

Personally, I don’t care for them at all, never got used to the post between the toes and they do absolutely nothing for my posture. If you are a flip-flop fan and insist on wearing them to work or on a date consider dressing up your look with bright metallic thongs or ones that have beadwork, rhinestones or other bling-bling attached to them. .

Sandals on the other hand offer better comfort and support for your feet.

You can get a sexy pair of sandals with arch support and your back will thank you. Wedge cork heel sandals are very popular right now and they come in super cute colors. They are versatile, flattering and much easier to walk in than other heels.

The Wild Diva Women’s Levina-101 Wedge Sandal is my personal favorite right now. Very comfortable and they have cushioning in the instep.

Woven and strappy sandals are also great to emphasize your legs.

Watch you heel height, you are already showing a lot of leg with your mini or shorts, adding super high heels might be too much. Always be aware that there’s a fine line between looking sexy and trashy.Offering the latest in trendy and versatile yet affordable shoes, these Kenneth Cole strappy sandals are sure to have a positive Reaction.

If you have slender calves try a simple pair of flats.

Cute little flats can look great with a mini skirt or short shorts. You can accessorize your flats with a nice ankle bracelet or two to draw the eye.
Seychelles flats are great for summer. They dress up and down with ease and there is no need to break them in. The back is very comfortable in the heel area, which is an area where I sometimes find shoes uncomfortable.

Most of us do not have model perfect legs and some footwear is likely not to help when we’re trying to look our best. Ankle boots for instance can make your legs look heavier and shorter than they actually are. The same holds true for any type of bulky and very traditional styles like Oxfords and clogs.

What is your favorite style of summer shoes this year?

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