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Tips for Stretching Tight Shoes

We all have at least one pair of shoes in our closet that fit perfectly when we tried them on and even the first time we wore them, but are now too tight for comfort.

Once you wear a new pair of sandals, shoes or boots, you can’t bring them back. This policy is the same, no matter if you bought your too tight shoes at a local shoe store or at an online store.

Lucky for us there are a few Tips for Stretching Tight Shoes:

stretching leather shoes

Best method for stretching leather shoes.

1. Socks and Hair Dryer Shoe Stretching Method
Put on several pairs of thick socks. Stuff your feet into your too tight shoes. Be aware, the socks will help cushion your feet a little bit, but this process is still very uncomfortable. Use your hair dryer for a couple of minutes to heat up the leather. Flex your toes and bend your feet while concentrating on the tightest areas. Keep wearing the socks and shoes until the leather is completely cooled down. Test out the shoes without socks. Repeat these steps if necessary until your shoes fit comfortably.

2. Newspaper, Water and Alcohol Stretching Method for Non-Suede Shoes
Wad several pages of old newspaper into a ball and soak it in cold water and alcohol. Leave the paper balls inside your shoes for several hour or overnight. Cold water eliminates any risk of stains, but this method is not recommended for Suede shoes or boots.

3. Ice Method for Stretching Too Tight Sandals
This method works great for sandals and open toed heels. Fill up two plastic baggies with water and place the sealed water bags inside the sandals. Place the shoes into the freezer and wait until the water turns into ice, the shoes or sandals will expand in the freezer as the ice expands. This takes at least one or more hours. Remove the sandals or heels and let them sit to slowly thaw the ice.

4. Stretching Method for Boots using Grains
This old farmers trick works great for too tight boots or booties, and not just cowboy boots either. Fill your boots with grains like oats or wheat and pour enough water on top in order to swell the grain. Let them sit overnight. In the morning remove the grain mixture and add newspaper to help dry the inside of the boots.

Never give in to wearing shoes that are too tight for your feet.

The pain and possibly lasting damage is not worth it, even with the most beautiful pair of shoes.

For more Tips and Tricks for your shoes and feet visit my Shoe Tips page.

Do you know of any other ways to stretch uncomfortable shoes? Please leave me a comment below.


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