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Valentines Ideas she will Love

We all want to feel special, loved and appreciated, especially on a day like Valentine’s Day.

Remember, it’s the thought not the price tag that counts. If you ever received a homemade Valentine’s card from your sweetie than you know what I’m talking about.

Making homemade gifts can be fun and rewarding.

Unfortunately not all of us are crafty. By the time you buy the supplies and redo the same card over and over again you’re might not feel very romantic anymore.

Here are some Valentine’s Day ideas that she will love, are easy to make and won’t break your bank account:

Does she love music? Burn a CD with the her (or your) favorite love songs. Label the disc with her name and the year or a romantic sentiment.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Does she love poetry? Find a romantic poem online and copy it, including the author. Add a nice border or appropriate picture, print it out and place it in a nice frame.

Does she love flowers? Instead of buying expensive roses, pick a bouquet of loose flowers like daisies and add some personal touches to it like an inexpensive bracelet or a photo of the both of you.

Does she love to shop online? Frame her computer screen with post it notes, pink or red if you have them, and write loving notes on each of them.

Does she love high heels? Sign her up for the Sexy Shoes Expert Newsletter 🙂 She will love all of the great information on sexy shoes and might just win our next gift giveaway.

Do you have a Valentine’s idea, please share with us and leave a comment.

3 Responses to Valentines Ideas she will Love

  • I would prefer something more ‘personalized’ then ‘purchased’ myself. These gifts are the ones that I keep and cherish. Love your blog!

  • Hey Silke or Hellooh darling!,
    I enjoyed readng your last tip. Very clever! Why not, right? The first one is very romantic. Songs can help a guy out with what he truly feels and wants to say. Of course a classic, poetry will probably bring to happy tears.

    Enjoy your Valentines Day!
    Gret bargains by the way:)


  • Anita & Sergi, thank you so much for your wonderful comments. I received a love song CD from my sweetie years ago and I still cherish it.

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