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Vivid Purple High Heels

The color for Sagittarius Shoe Lovers is Vivid Purple.

With the motto of ‘I am free’ they celebrate their birthdays from November 22 – December 21.

Sagittarius Goddess, did you know that you are the most optimistic, outgoing and adaptable of all the zodiac? You prefer to be footloose and fancy free and you make every interaction as enjoyable as possible.

Sagittarius born, you interact spontaneously with life as you continue a lifelong quest for meaning. The Sagittarius Goddess needs a great deal of freedom, but is equally willing to offer freedom to others.

Let us celebrate all of you gorgeous Sagittarius Shoe Lovers with equally beautiful vivid purple high heels:

Studded Purple High Heels

Penny Loves Kenny Purple Faris Heel

Purple High Heeled Pumps with Bows

Cailyn Purple Heels from RSVP

Circus Snake Embossed High Heels by Sam Edelman in Purple

Sam Edelman Heels in Purple (on sale)

Jam Ming Purple Wedge boots by Luichiny

Vivid Purple Luichiny Platform Wedge

Show a little color this Winter and feel your best with a sexy pair of Vivid Purple shoes or boots for your Birthday, Sagittarius Goddess!

Shop for vivid Purple High Heels here.

For the rest of us shoe lovers… who can resist a gorgeous pair of Vivid Purple High Heels this Winter?

2 Responses to Vivid Purple High Heels

  • I love purple! I’m not even from Minnesota (i.e. Purple people eaters, Purple Rain). My question is why don’t they make more stylish footwear in this color?

  • Hi Anita, thank you for your comment. Go Vikings! LOL

    Purple has become a very popular color for footwear these past several years. If you go to a shoe shopping site like you can actually search for purple shoes by selecting the purple color block. They have 127 pairs of purple shoes and booties to choose from. Yay!

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