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What an exciting endeavour

Wow, this has been long overdue. I am so excited to finally being able to share my love for shoes with the world.

The vision I have for this site is for women, and the men that share an interest in their women’s footware, to find helpful information and reviews on sexy shoes online.  Buying your shoes online will save you time, money and a lot of hassle.

How often have you spent hours at the mall looking for a certain pair of shoes for the upcoming holiday or special occasion and ended up buying a pair that was kind of close to what you were looking for? You wear them one time and they end up in the back of your closet. It’s too much trouble to go looking for the receipt a week or so later and taking them back to the store, just to be hassled by the store clerk since you wore the shoes that one time.

Online shoe shopping puts thousands of different styles, colors and brands of shoes right at your finger tips.  It has never been easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Now it’s up to me to make your online shoe shopping an easy, pleasant and successful experience.

Happy Sexy Shoe Shopping!

2 Responses to What an exciting endeavour

  • Very cool! I’ll look forward to your tips because I always want to buy the best for my woman. Tschuess!

    • Thank you Nick. I am still doing some research and will start posting my tips in the near future. Good luck to you and your woman.

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