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When to splurge on Designer Shoes

Designer shoes are designed to provide you with the most comfort while using the best quality materials available.

Shoes by designers are made so well that you can wear them for several year without having to worry that they will wear out. Don’t think of designer shoes as throwing money out the window. Having a few pairs of well made hot high heels by name brand designers is an investment in your feet and will allow you to express who you are. If your feet are happy, you’ll be happy!

designer shoe
That being said, we can’t all afford to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on designer made shoes. But being a smart shopper doesn’t necessarily mean giving up on the finer things in live. You don’t have to buy the most expensive designer shoes to have the best pair of shoes. There are endless well recognized shoe designers available online, like Jimmy Choo, Stuart Weitzman, Steve Madden, Alexander McQueen and Christian Louboutin, just to name a few.  As well as young, hip start up shoe designers with gorgeous selections of hot high heels that will not break your bank account.

kurt geiger designer shoe
If your budgets allows, invest in one pair of designer shoes per season. This is the best way to update your look and add life to your wardrobe. This includes classic flats or sandals, a sexy pair of boots, sky high platforms or killer stiletto heels. Designer shoes  can be found online at discounted prices if you know how and take the time to search for them. There are reputable websites available to shop for designer high heels online.

If you can’t see yourself wearing your expensive designer shoes in the years to come and for different occassions, don’t buy them. Designer shoes are often designed for wearing with an evening or office outfit in mind, but they are certainly not restricted to it. Your designer dream shoes should conjure up visions of outfits dancing in your mind. So don’t just limit yourself to evening wear, the perfect pair of designer shoes can give you that special pizzazz for just about any outfit, from your favorite jeans to the cute dress in the back of your closet.

gold designer shoesDon’t be afraid to splurge a little and get that to-die-for pair of designer shoes. If you care for them and store your high end shoes properly they will give your many years of pleasure and enjoyment.

Remember to clean your shoes after each outing and store them in a shoe box or shoe bag. Filling the toe box with tissue paper helps shoes keep their shape.

Most hot designer high heels are worth the money. So, go ahead and toss out your guilt feelings. No matter the reason you have for wanting to own designer made shoes, a well made pair of sexy shoes has the ability to bring out the best in us. Even when you’re blue or a little run down, a good pair of shoes can make the difference.

Have fun shopping for your next pair of designer shoes! Don’t forget, designer shoes come in just about every kind of style, from sneakers to casual to fancy evening shoes.

Don’t think of designer shoes as throwing money out the window. Many designers, with or without a design degree background, know how to create quality shoes that will last.

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Do you ever splurge on designer shoes? Leave me a comment below. 

5 Responses to When to splurge on Designer Shoes

  • Oh you just know I’m going to splurge on myself. You go girl!

  • Good for you Anita 🙂 I’m sure you deserve it. Let me know what you decided on. Animal prints and red heels are going to be hot this fall. ♥

  • Hi,

    Please can you tell me where i can buy the black and cream Kurt Geiger boots on this page, they’re beautiful.

    Your help would be much appreciated,



  • Hi Nicola, I sent you an email on the Kurt Geiger booties. It was quite the challenge to find them again. ♥

  • Big enthusiast of this blog, quite a few your blogposts have really helped me out. Looking forward to news!

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