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Where To Buy Nike Heels

One of the most popular articles on this shoe site is titled “Are Women Nike Heels for real?”.

I receive regular comments and email questions from my readers on where to find Nike Heels (fake or not) like this message from Ross.

Hey how’s it going. I’m looking to find Nike high heels for my gf and stumbled upon a post on here about them but there was never a way to buy them. I understand their fake, that’s not the problem, I just can’t find a reputable website and was wondering if you knew of one.

Nike High Heels in box

Nike Heels

My original article on Nike Heels was posted back in 2011. Since that time I have never been able to find a trustworthy website to order these much sought-after shoes from.

If you look at the comments at the bottom of the post Are Women Nike Heels For Real? you will see that a few of my readers claim to have received their Nike high heel shoes after ordering them online. I am still skeptical! All of the websites I have visited look various degrees of shady.

Before you place any order online with a site that doesn’t look legit, like most the websites claiming to sell Nike Heels, always check the contact page and return policy. Look for a telephone number and give them a call to assure yourself that you are dealing with an actual person/company. If you still want to place an order please be advised that you are taking a risk!

Alternative to Nike Heels

Sneaker heels are a great alternative if you are looking for a style that is similar to the coveted Nike brand shoes.

Nike sneaker alternative heels

High Heel Platform Ankle Bootie on Amazon

Sneaker inspired upper and lace up vamp. These Canvas Fashion High Heel Platform Lace Up Ankle Booties have a 5 star review. They are available in Black, Red and Denim (Sizes 5.5 to 10) on for only $59.99.


Shop for Sneaker Heels here!

Which pair of heels do you like better? Have  you ever purchased a pair of Nike Heels online? Please leave me a comment below.


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