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Winter Shoes for Women

A lot of women seem to despair when winter sets her icy fingers to nipping at every exposed part of them and they have to resort to desperate measures to keep their balance on increasingly treacherous surfaces.

But, this season has no room for practical hiking boots, flat easy to walk in pumps or, heaven forbid, trainers for everyday wear.

However, there are still some very practical styles of Winter Shoes for Women out there.

Winter Boots

Lace up shoes and boots are very popular this season and can be worn with a skyscraper heel for you braver ladies, a small heel for those who are wary of turning an ankle or flat for the most practical winter look.

Shoes with buckles are an alternative and this winter season will see a lot of them in various styles. The more buckles, the better seems to be the thought with these, and if you want an eye-catching style, they’re definitely for you.

Timeless stilettos are never out of fashion, and this winter is no exception. If you can bear to teeter along icy roads and can actually walk in these, they’re a classy and feminine style. If however, you can barely walk in them even when black ice isn’t a big problem, the chunky heel is a good idea. Still classy and feminine, but with a larger surface area and better support for ladies who want a bit more safety.

Thigh high boots were a big trend for summer and this is going to carry over into winter 2011. Practical, safe and warm, even when teamed with skirts and shorts, these boots are a good investment.

Don’t forget about color! Black and brown are still making an appearance, but for the dark winter days, try a splash of red to cheer you up, a bit of yellow to bring the sunshine back (for a while) or even a funky purple, and match your accessories.

 What is your favorite winter boot style? Leave me a comment below.

5 Responses to Winter Shoes for Women

  • SSE,
    I like to mix things up with colors all the time. My boyfriend, Tyrell, thinks I look ‘fine’ all the time. Keep the articles coming girlfriend!

  • Hi Wanita, it’s good to hear you’re having fun with colors. Sounds like your boyfriend enjoys your sense of style and let’s you know he appreciates it. Do you have a fave color for this upcoming fall season? ♥ Silke

  • I sure do, I just bought myself a pair of mustard yellow ankle boots and I love em. They look a little bit like the purple ones in the photo above. Found them on sale at and couldn’t resist. LOL

  • Kudos! What a neat way of thniikng about it.

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