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Yoga Exercises For High Heel Lovers

In this article Yoga expert Doreen Hing shares a series of exercises that will allow you to survive in heels for an extended period of time.

Doreen, please share your tips for surviving a long day in heels. My yoga practice has provided me with the ability to listen to the conversation my body is having with my mind.

With regards to wearing high heels, it is important to recognize how your body is aligned at all times and why pain is an issue, as a result, of your habitual body posture. There are three basic tools I use to wear high heels longer.

Exercises for high heel lovers

The first tool is what I call “Four Corners”. While you’re standing, shift your weight to all four corners of your foot so that it’s evenly distributed. It’s amazing the difference you will feel when applying this technique to tired feet. This not only distributes the weight evenly across the whole sole of the foot, but the more pressure applied, the more weight bearing pressure is drawn up the body and less in the feet. You literally become light on your feet.

The second technique is for the lower back. Most people naturally have a slight curve in their lower back that becomes exaggerated when wearing heels. The exaggerated curve condenses the back of the spine which becomes uncomfortable very quickly. Driving the sitting bones to the heels straightens the lower spine and strengthens the lower back muscles.

For the last technique, relax your shoulders and roll them down your back. Our sedentary life leads most people to roll their shoulders forwards and over time can create a hump in the upper back. Relaxing the shoulders back and down has an immediate effect of feeling lighter. What it actually does to the body is open the throat, chest and lungs and takes the weight off your shoulders.

I’m blown away every time how these three basic tools that improve my yoga poses also affect my everyday life. As such, I do really want people to understand how good posture is a choice and can be the difference to making you feel lighter on your feet at any given moment.

Do you prefer flats or five inch heels?

Personally I’m 5’10” and love heels! I definitely prefer heels in order to stand tall, strong and confident.

Yoga techniques help people stand tall when barefoot. When using those techniques in heels, you can experience both physical and mindfully growth. The self-confidence that is reflected when standing tall is nurtured through the qualities of yoga and is a delight to witness. I love to be in the presence of any man or woman emitting style and grace.

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Please Note: Doreen is an avid yoga devotee; however she is not a trained yoga instructor or a health professional. If you have concerns about beginning a yoga class it’s always smart to consult your doctor first.

What are your tips for surviving a long day in heels? Please leave your comment below.

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